How to Locate a Vet That Will Treat a Potbellied Pig


How to Locate a Vet That Will Treat a Potbellied Pig. Potbellied pigs, like most exotic pets, are not treated by all veterinarians. Special training, facilities and equipment are often required. Potbellied pigs need regular veterinary care; so it's important to locate a qualified vet that can work with your pig for a lifetime. Read on to learn more.

Find a Vet for Your Potbellied Pig

Consult your breeder. Any reputable breeder will be able to recommend a good veterinarian for your new piglet, as the piglet should have already been seen by one before you adopt him.

Ask for a recommendation from another veterinarian you trust. Even if your current vet doesn't treat pigs, odds are she will know someone who does.

Look for recommendations from a local pig club in your area. Many potbellied pig owners form local organizations to socialize their pet pigs. Other pig owners can provide a wealth of information for new pig owners.

Look through the directory of vets provided by the North American Potbellied Pigs Association (NAPPA) (see Resources below). You can browse through a listing of vets who treat potbellied pigs organized by state. NAPPA does not recommend any of the listed vets, however; they just provide contact information so you can locate one.

Cold call area vets and ask if they treat potbellied pigs. You don't want to have to travel long distances with your pig in the car, so choosing a local vet is the best option, provided that the vet is well-qualified.

Tips & Warnings

  • Train your pig to ride in the car before taking him to the vet. Pigs ride well in large kennels.
  • Stay with your pig when she's in the exam room. Pigs bond with their owners, and your presence should help keep your pig calm.
  • Make sure the vet you choose is set up to lift your pig or work on her while she is on the floor. This is particularly important if you are not strong enough to lift the pig.
  • Audition vets. It's not enough to locate a vet who will treat a potbellied pig. You want to locate a vet who will treat a potbellied pig well. Test a prospective vets skills and "bedside manner" by scheduling a "well visit" appointment.
  • Ask a veterinarian for references from other potbellied pig owners. Learning about their experiences will help give an idea of all that you can expect.

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