How to Iron Blue Jeans

Look your best in freshly ironed jeans.
Look your best in freshly ironed jeans. (Image: Comstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Your most dependable pair of jeans should always be ready to throw on and go at a moment's notice. If they fall off of their hanger or are folded for an extended period of time, they will become wrinkled and look sloppier than even your most casual outfit calls for. Grab your ironing board and smooth your blue jeans back into their original crisp state, or add Western flair with a deep crease that will impress any cowboy.

Things You'll Need

  • Laundry detergent (optional)
  • Fabric softener (optional)
  • Spray starch
  • Iron

Removing Wrinkles

Wash your jeans using a gentle detergent and fabric softener to help soften the creases in the jeans. Shake the jeans out and hang them to dry. Alternately, dry the jeans in the dryer. Skip this step if you don't have time to wash your jeans.

Lay one leg of the jeans flat on top of an ironing board so that the other half of the jeans, from the zipper over, falls over the side.

Coat the leg with spray starch. Press a hot iron down onto the bottom of the leg, and slowly drag it upwards until you pass over the waist of the jeans. Repeat until the entire leg has been ironed. Flip the leg over so that the opposite side is facing up and repeat.

Gently fold the ironed leg over the edge of the ironing board and replace it with the other leg. Repeat the ironing process.

Allow the jeans to sit flat on the ironing board until they cool down completely to prevent further wrinkling.

The Deep Crease

Wash the jeans in hot water with a gentle detergent and dry them with the hottest setting until 90-percent dry.

Place one leg of the jeans onto an ironing board with the center of the leg at the end of the ironing board.

Turn the iron onto high heat and move it slowly from the seam to the top of the thigh, keeping it directly at the center of the pant leg where it meets the edge of the ironing board. Repeat until the section is visibly indented.

Position the pant leg so that the first crease hangs 1/2 inch off of the side of the ironing board. Repeat the process to create the second indentation of the crease.

Position the crease in the center of the ironing board, and coat it with spray starch from top to bottom. Press the iron down firmly at the top of the crease and slowly pull it down to the bottom of the pant leg. Repeat three times to set the crease.

Tips & Warnings

  • To remove wrinkles quickly, use a steam iron if possible.
  • Keep your hands away from the iron to prevent burns.

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