How to Make an Orchid Bloom


Orchids are beautiful flowers but can be difficult to get them to bloom time and again. More than one orchid has been purchased with the expectation of repeat flowers, only to show nothing but green leaves. Temperature and lighting have a big impact on these delicate flowers. Coax your orchid into another bloom with some diligence and patience.

Things You'll Need

  • Patience
  • Check the temperature. Orchids are more likely to bloom if they feel a 10-degree drop in temperature during the night. Place your orchid near an open window if seasonal weather takes care of the temperature change, otherwise adjust your thermostat.

  • Examine the color of the leaves to determine the orchid's light requirements. Very dark green foliage indicates a need for more light. Too much light causes a yellowish green or red color. Erring on the side of too little light exposure prevents the flower from blooming.

  • Adjust the lighting gradually. A drastic increase in sun exposure gives the orchid sunburn. Light requirements vary depending on the type of orchid you have. Increase light in stages until you achieve a lush green shade in the plant's leaves.

  • Repot your orchid. A crowded orchid is less likely to bloom. Look at the roots to see if they are pressing against the side of the pot. If they are, go up one pot size.

  • Water carefully. Orchids are sensitive to too much or too little water. They won't bloom until conditions are just right. Be sure the pot allows extra water to drain out and do not water the flower again until the surface of the soil is dry. It is easy to flood an orchid. Be careful and find the right balance when watering.

  • Visit a local greenhouse if you're still having difficulty. They may be able to identify your orchid and give you tips about the particular variety. Some orchids are unidentifiable hybrids. Many greenhouses accept donated orchids if you give up entirely.

Tips & Warnings

  • Giving your orchid too much fertilizer is disastrous. It's tempting when you want to encourage flowers to grow, but don't overdo it.

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