How to Dress to Flatter a Triangle Body Type


Triangle body types are categorized by a wider waist and smaller shoulders. Triangle body types also generally have a full lower half of their body. Flattering this body type is easy following a few simple rules. Flattering any body type is done by focusing on emphasizing the positive, and by minimizing the negative. The trick is to draw attention away from imperfections by the way you dress.

  • Wear light colors on top, dark colors on bottom. Simply put, dark colors hide, while light colors magnify.

  • Buy separates. Since a triangle body type needs a different size on the top than the bottom, separates are a great choice. Finding coordinating separates is simple in department stores, and even online.

  • Select shirts with detailed sleeves. Dress in raglan sleeves or puffed sleeves to draw the eye outward, making shoulders appear wider, and balances out the larger hips.

  • Wear shirts with large collars. Anything from polo shirts to turtlenecks, and large lapels work well. Again, these draw the eye outward, creating the illusion of larger shoulders.

  • Wear clothes that fit. A shirt that is too big looks sloppy and unfinished, and doesn't disguise narrow shoulders. A shirt that fits the shoulders exactly and simply draws the attention elsewhere looks polished and attractive.

  • Find a good tailor. This especially applies to large busted triangle body types. In order to get a shirt to fit properly, it is necessary to have some clothes properly altered.

  • Avoid camisoles and tanks with thin straps. Other styles that are not flattering include boat necks, anything without collars and scoop neck shirts.

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