How to Plan a High School Sports Program

High school sports can be big business--remember LeBron James having his high school games televised on ESPN? However, they can also just be fun. At the startup level, that's what they should be. Getting started can be difficult, but it's all worth it when the team takes the field (or court, or pitch or ice). Read on to learn more.


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      Find out how many students are interested in playing. You'll need at least half again as many as needed for a team. In basketball, 5 people are on the court at once; so you'd need at least 7 to allow for injuries and absences. You'll need students who are committed and likely to remain eligible academically.

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      Research the cost of the program. You'll need to know the cost of equipment and uniforms, of reserving facilities if needed, of hiring officials and of travel to games.

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      Find out what other schools in your area have a program in the same sport, and what it would take to join their league, or even join them in creating one. A well-organized league, with tournaments and championships, goes a long way toward the success of a new sport.

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      Submit a proposal for the program to the school or school board officials. It will need to be well-organized, and show that students are interested in taking part and even willing to help with fundraising.

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      Consider an intramural league or just a few practice games the first year, before stepping up to a full schedule.

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      Build interest in the new program among the students.

Tips & Warnings

  • The key to getting a high school sports program started is the students. If there is interest, do everything you can to maintain it and build it. Organize trips to see pro teams, show videos, encourage those interested to recruit their friends.
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