How to Prepare for the SAT Critical Reading Section

Your score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) can help you get into the college program of your choice. The critical reading section of the SAT makes up one third of the entire test. So, to get your top score on the SAT it is vital that you spend time preparing for the critical reading section of the test.

Things You'll Need

  • SAT Study Guide


    • 1

      Learn about the layout of the critical reading section. The SAT critical reading section consists of sentence completion and reading comprehension questions.

    • 2

      Study a SAT word list. Vocabulary should not be an issue since you have been exposed to many of the words commonly used on the SAT. Be sure to double-check your vocabulary against SAT word lists that can be found in SAT study books and online. While reviewing the list, add words you cannot easily define to your personal study list. Memorizing vocabulary words will help with your understanding of the questions and reading passages featured in the SAT.

    • 3

      Recognize the logic and manner of the sentence completion questions. You do not need complete understanding of the sentence meaning or vocabulary to do well on the SAT sentence completion questions.

    • 4

      Familiarize yourself with the writing style used in the SAT reading comprehension questions. Break out your class novels or read some books on the "good book" list available at the Take SAT website. Passages from this list are often found in the SAT.

    • 5

      Take practice tests. SAT practice tests can be found in SAT study guides and online. Taking a practice test online or on a compact disc will provide you with actual test-like conditions.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a study guide to learn SAT reading comprehension time management tricks.
  • Skipping a question does not cost any points. So, if you are unable to make an educated guess, leave it blank and move on.
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