How to Stain an Interior Concrete Floor

Applying an acid stain to an interior concrete floor can be as attractive as natural stone, ceramic tile or other expensive flooring products. It does not coat the floor, but rather reacts with the concrete to produce color with a mottled effect that replicates the look of stone or marble. This durable flooring solution is usually available in browns, tans or other earth tones.


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      Purchase a concrete stain at a home improvement or paint supply store. Acid stains can be mixed to create custom colors.

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      Cover areas around the concrete floor including walls, wood trim and metal to protect them from the stain.

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      Prepare the concrete surface according to the stain manufacturer's instructions. Ensure that the concrete is clean and dry. For a new concrete floor, make sure it has had enough time to properly cure before the stain is applied.

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      Test the stain color on a small area of the floor to make sure you like the color.

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      Use a saw with a diamond blade to score the concrete surface to create a pattern or simulate grout lines. Score lines are also used to define areas where different colors of stain will be applied.

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      Apply the acid stain to achieve the desired pattern or special effect. Use a greater amount of stain to achieve a richer color. Allow the stain to completely dry and then apply a second coat. Wait for the stain to dry and then scrub off any stain residue.

    • 7

      Protect the stained floor by applying a sealer. This also gives the stained concrete a shiny appearance.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hire a professional contractor to stain your interior concrete floors.
  • Acid stain can be applied to new or old concrete.
  • Do not use acid wash to clean the concrete floor before applying an acid stain.
  • A concrete floor that is not smooth may not yield an attractive result.
  • Don't walk on or clean the newly stained floor for at least 24 hours or as recommended by the manufacturer.
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