How to Feed Teenage Boys on a Budget

If you thought it would be easy to feed your teenage boys because they eat everything, think again--because they eat everything! Trying to keep enough food in the house for your teens can be a constant chore, especially if they are boys and you are on a budget.


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      Buy bulk, but hide it. It's a great deal if you can buy a case of cheese doodles for $9.99, but if it is eaten in two days, you really haven't saved much, have you? If they don't see the cheese doodles, they will look for other food.

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      Think big carbs. Complex carbohydrates stay with you for a while and can fill up a voracious teen inexpensively. Oats, multigrain breads and rice (preferably brown) all make great fillers. Have big boxes of cereal, loaves of multigrain bread and plenty of pasta meals on hand.

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      Shop early in the morning. Many grocery stores will put their day old breads out at a discount first thing in the morning. Clearance meat will be on the shelf then, too. Go by the deli; yesterday's pizzas will be half price.

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      Serve a complex carb with every meal. Even if there is only a bit of meat, if they can chow down on some multigrain bagels or a few potatoes, it will fill the hole in their stomach.

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      Find the local bread factory and any other food manufacturer. Often, they will have a store on their lot that has discounted food items.

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      Make lots. Soups, stews and browned ground beef can all be frozen into usable portions. If you are making chili, make a few extra bowls and throw them in the freezer for snacks. Budget wise, this will cost nearly nothing compared to frozen entrées from the grocery store.

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