How to Peel Boiled Crawfish


Boiled crawfish make for quick and tasty treat, but you have to know how to eat 'em to enjoy 'em. Follow these simple steps to learn how to peel boiled crawfish.

  • Start with clean hands. You will be handling the food directly before it enters your mouth.

  • Take a boiled crawfish and hold it with both hands, the tail in one hand and the head in the other.

  • Twist the crawfish in half, tearing the head portion away from the tail. You may find it easier to twist the tail from the head while holding the head still.

  • Throw the head away unless you want to gently suck the juices out of it. There will be golden colored fat inside the head that retains the seasonings from the water.

  • Hold the tail in one hand and peel a few of the little sections off of the tail with the other, starting at the side where the head was.

  • Pinch or squeeze the end of the tail while useing the other hand to gently pull the meat of the tail out. You may have to peel back more sections of the tail if the meat will not come out or try pinching the end of the tail harder.

  • Eat the meat from the tail and discard the shell.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may sprinkle dry seasoning over the crawfish before peeling them. This gets the seasoning on your fingers as you peel the crawfish and will transfer to the crawfish meat for you to taste.

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