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Money, power and respect. That's what Def Jam Icon is about. You run a business, take down the competition and try to strike it rich in the music industry. It's a rough road to be sure, but if you've got the drive, it can be a cool ride.

  • Select either Throwdown or Create a Label. Throwdown gets you right into the action and pits your fighter against another, either computer-controlled or another player if you've got a second controller. Select Create a Label if you want to play through the story mode.

  • Create your Suspect. You can choose his height, weight, facial features, fighting style and a whole lot more.

  • Get it on. You'll mainly be beating up guys, either for your boss, for artists or a bunch of other reasons. There are a lot of moves you can pull to take down your enemies faster. The loading screen should give you a basic lowdown on your moves, but try holding the left trigger and spinning the right stick when your enemy is on the ground. This scratches and sets off the hazards on the sides of the screen.

  • Remember to check your messages and your bank book. Don't go buying a bunch of expensive gear when you're short on cash. On the flip side, you can't go around looking like a punk, its not good for business. If you've got some cash to burn, go buy some new rags or maybe some ink.

  • Manage your promotions. When you sign an artist and get ready to put out a record, you have to make some decisions about how to get your new artist to the top. You'll be given a budget to spend on Marketing, Cost of Goods, Air Time and PR Appearances. The best bet in the beginning, is to spend the majority of your budget on Air Time and Marketing. This will help you get the most bang for your buck.

  • Keep the talent happy. Your artists will come up with weird things to keep you busy. Some of them involve giving them money, others involve beating people up. If an artist asks you to do something, do it. The last thing you want is for all your talent to decide you're stingy and go find another label to sign with.

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