How to Clean a Leather Saddle


How to Clean a Leather Saddle. Cleaning a leather saddle is not difficult but should be done diligently. Ideally, you should clean your saddle after every ride. Most people don't have the time to clean a leather saddle this often, but you can take a few steps to keep the leather in good shape. Wipe off sweat and mud after using the saddle. This will make it easier to clean when you can set aside time.

Things You'll Need

  • Towels, 3 to 4
  • Sponge
  • Saddle soap
  • Stiff brush
  • Metal cleaner
  • Small bucket of water
  • Small toothbrush

Wipe down the saddle with a damp towel to remove dirt, hair, dust or mildew.

Take off any extra pieces of equipment and undo all buckles and straps on the saddle. Remove anything that will get in the way of cleaning all leather surfaces of the saddle.

Dampen the sponge with water, but wring it out. You don't want the sponge dripping wet.

Rub the sponge in the saddle soap and work it into a lather on the sponge

Apply the lather to the saddle. Rub it in circular motions on all areas of leather on the saddle.

Rinse and re-lather the sponge so you are not wiping dirt onto the saddle.

Use a toothbrush with soap to clean in crevices and tooled detailed areas of the saddle.

Wipe the saddle with a damp cloth to remove the last of the saddle soap. Soap that is left on the saddle may damage the leather.

Go over the saddle with a towel to dry the leather.

Use metal cleaner to clean and shine any metal parts on the saddle.

Tips & Warnings

  • Mildew will not hurt a leather saddle. Mildew can be wiped off, and the saddle can be cleaned as normal.
  • Before applying any soap or cleaner to the leather on the saddle, test a small spot in an inconspicuous place to see if the cleaner will discolor the leather.
  • Don't oil or condition a leather saddle often. Too much oil is not good for the leather.

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