How to Replace Power Wheels Parts

Power Wheels are a ride-on toy with plastic parts and a battery powered engine. These popular vehicles, designed for riding on the grass and hard surfaces, see hard use from small children. Power Wheels parts often need to be replaced due to damage, age or malfunction.


  1. Find Power Wheels Parts to Replace

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      Check your child's Power Wheels vehicle before and after every ride for damage. If any part is not functioning properly, repair or replace the part before allowing the toy to be operated.

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      Visit the Mattel Consumer Relations Web site for recall information (see Resources below). The Web site includes a list of all recalled Power Wheels since August 1998 and helps users determine whether or not their products need replacement parts.

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      Find information about Power Wheels parts you should replace on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website (see Resources below).

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      Refer to your original Power Wheels owner's manual to identify damaged parts. Each manual contains a parts list, a parts diagram and assembly instructions.

    Replace Power Wheels Parts

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      Find a Power Wheels Service Center online at the Mattel Consumer Relations Power Wheels Information page (see Resources below). Enter your ZIP code for the nearest location. Certain Power Wheels parts can only be replaced at an authorized service center.

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      Call the Power Wheels Consumer Relations Department with questions about how to replace a part. Reach them toll free at 1-800-348-0751.

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      Download lost owner's manuals and instruction sheets on the Mattel Consumer Relations Web site (see Resources below). Instruction sheets include safety updates and quick tips to replace parts like tires and batteries.

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      Return any part that is unused but malfunctioning or damaged to the store with a receipt. If the store will not take the part or replace the vehicle, contact Fisher Price Power Wheels Consumer Relations directly and have your warranty and purchase information ready.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never attempt to modify a Power Wheels vehicle's electrical structure. Let a mechanic take care of all major repairs at the Power Wheels service center. Incorrectly rewiring a Power Wheels toy can cause electrical fires and other serious malfunctions.
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