How to Pass the Texas Driving Test

The driving test in the state of Texas can only be taken once the other tests have been passed. If you do not already have the legal right to drive in Texas, a licensed driver must drive you and the vehicle to the testing area. If you do not pass the driving test, the licensed driver must drive the vehicle away unless you have a permit to drive. Passing the driving test in Texas can be accomplished following these guidelines.

Things You'll Need

  • Verification of insurance
  • Vehicle in good mechanical condition
  • Vehicle with valid tag
  • Texas Driver's Handbook
  • Proper identification


    • 1

      Bring a vehicle for the driving test. The vehicle must have proof of liability insurance, have a valid inspection certificate and pass inspection by the examiner before the driving test is given.

    • 2

      Follow the examiner's instructions. The examiner will not try to trick you by asking you to do anything that is against the law.

    • 3

      Control your vehicle safely and as directed by the examiner. You must understand and follow all traffic signs, be able to come to a quick stop without skidding the tires, parallel park and back the vehicle safely approximately 50 feet.

    • 4

      Observe the other traffic and other conditions around you that might cause problems while you are driving. The examiner needs to see you looking in your mirrors often, watching for other drivers.

    • 5

      Demonstrate the ability to stay in your lane of traffic. When approaching intersections, slow down and look both ways even if you do not have to stop. Passing and changing lanes are allowed if you can perform the maneuvers safely.

    • 6

      Show your ability to use turn signals appropriately. Remember to use turn signals as directed in the Texas Driver's Handbook.

    • 7

      Complete the driving test. The examiner will explain the errors made and how to correct them. A written record of your driving test will be given to you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep both hands on steering wheel and do not rest your elbow on the window.
  • When backing, you must turn your head and look back continuously until you bring the vehicle to a complete stop.
  • You will receive a receipt to use as a temporary license for 60 days or until your permanent license arrives in the mail.
  • Do not carry on a conversation during the driving test.
  • If you do not pass the driving test, the examiner will explain what you need to practice to improve your skills and when you may return for another driving test.
  • You will not pass the driving test if you miss more than 30 points, violate the law, refuse to obey the examiner's instructions, drive dangerously or crash.
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