How to Pass the Written Test for a Texas Driver's License

Texas has two parts to the driver's license written test. The first part is the Rules Test. You take the rules test according to the class of vehicle you wish to be licensed to drive. The classes are: class C for all original applicants, class M for motorcycle and mopeds and class A or V for operators of Class M and B vehicles. The second part is the Signs Test. To pass this test, you must know and understand various highway signs. Here are some steps to assist you in passing the written test for a Texas driver's license.

Things You'll Need

  • Proper documentation
  • Texas Driver's Handbook
  • Social Security Number
  1. Part 1 Rules Test

    • 1

      Study the Texas Driver's Handbook.

    • 2

      Distinguish between the various Texas laws regarding the following: the Liability Insurance Law, the various alcohol-related laws, the Implied Consent Laws and the various laws regarding pedestrians.

    • 3

      Know the penalties these laws carry if any are violated.

    • 4

      Be familiar with the steps involved when performing certain maneuvers while driving such as; lane changes including turning, proper ways to park including the distance you are allowed to park from certain obstacles and the rules regarding driving on highway versus driving in the city including speed limits

    • 5

      Identify the proper procedures for accidents or emergencies that can occur.

    Part 2 Signs Test

    • 1

      Recognize the various signals used in Texas. Know the meanings of the colors. Understand what the arrows mean if an arrow is present.

    • 2

      Understand what the colors of the various signs represent. There are four types of signs found in Texas. There are signs that warn of hazards, signs that guide, signs to inform and signs to regulate traffic.

    • 3

      Differentiate the signs by their color and by their shape.

    • 4

      Discern what the various pavement markings on the highway and streets represent and how the markings affect what the driver is allowed to do.

Tips & Warnings

  • The passing grade on each test is 70 percent or better.
  • Upon request, an oral test may be given.
  • A vision screening will be given before you can take the written test.
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