How to Make More $ in Tips


In my humble opinion, here is how you can make more money in tips as a waiter or waitress. Allot of people will pay good money for good service. That's just the service, nothing to do with the food! You want good tips & they want good service. If they are happy with your service, they are more likely to give you a good tip. Give some or all of the following ideas a try. You could make MORE money in tips & possibly generate more repeat customers, which would also increase your tips. To those of you who try these ideas, good luck. And to all of you who serve all of us, THANK YOU.

Things You'll Need

  • General Wait Staff Supplies, Positive Attitude
  • ATTITUDE - Be positive. Smile often. Carry yourself with pride & confidence. In a sense, sell yourself. You never know when your customers are looking at you. Give them the feeling that you're glad to be able to serve them and that you will do the best job you can for them. If you're cheery around them, it will be harder for them to "stiff you" on a tip.

  • ACKNOWLEDGE THIER PRESENCE - Make eye contact with them in a reasonable amount of time. If it's going to be a bit of a wait before you can get to them, give them the "one minute" signal with your index finger or even better, go to them and tell them you'll be right back. This lets them know you do intend to get to them as soon as you can.

  • INTRODUCTION - Tell them your name. This way, if they need assistance later, they'll know who to ask for. Plus it creates a sort of connection between you and them. People are more apt to tip a friend then a stranger.

  • OFFER SUGGESTIONS - Announce the specials of the day. If they ask "what do you like" or "what's good here", be ready with an answer. Don't hesitate, have your favorites fresh on your mind & tell them what you like. This will show your customers that you truly do like the foods that you have just mentioned & are not just saying something they might want to hear.

  • STAY FOCUSED - Give everyone at the table your full, undivided attention when taking their orders. By doing this you will show them that there's nothing & no one else more important to you then them, at this time.

  • BE PATIENT - No one likes to be rushed. Whether you're in a hurry or not, try not to let your actions or your expressions show it.

  • CARRYING FOOD - KEEP YOUR FINGERS AWAY FROM THE FOOD. Again, you never know when customers are looking at you. It might be the customer who's food you're carrying or it might be 9 other customers from all around the room. If they see you have your thumb buried in someone's fries or rubbing against the side of their burger, they may be less apt to come back or next time simply stay out of your area.

  • CHECK BACK - Go back to the table within the FIRST FEW MINUTES & ask if the food tastes good & if there is anything more you can get for them.

  • REFILLS - Pay attention to all of your customers. Go back to their tables and ask if anyone would like a refill. If you're busy with other things at the moment, look around the room & scan the tables while you're walking by. (See step #2) Make eye contact with them if you can. (remember to smile)

  • THE CHECK - This is your last chance to "sell yourself". This could go 2 ways. Either take it to them before they are done eating OR tell them that you'll bring it whenever they're ready for it. For me, I like the check before I'm done eating. I feel that if you're paying attention to me (my table & my guests), as I'm about to tip you for, then you should see that I'm almost done eating & shouldn't have to wait for the check. On the other hand, some people may feel rushed by getting the check before they are done eating. It may be a good idea, after placing the check on the table, to tell them that there's no hurry. Offering another refill will help support that. Also ask if anyone would like a carry out box or anything else. (Remember step #1, especially now)

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember, when you're working for tips, you have to SELL YOURSELF. If you can make each customer feel like they're important to you, you'll be important to them as well.
  • Compliment people. Show them you actually noticed them. "That necklace looks nice with your ear rings" OR "hey cool, my other half has a shirt just like that."
  • Kids can be great, have fun with them. Learn their names. They'll like you and so will their parents. Plus you can use their names on the check.
  • Write something nice on the check. 2 words is generic, 10 words are thought out & meaningful. Try something like "It was a pleasure serving you today & I look forward to next time." OR if you know the kids names, try "See you next time Billy & Tracy!"
  • Careful not to be snotty, sarcastic, short or impatient with anyone.

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