How to Upload Photos to the Flickr Website


Using Flickr is an easy way to share your favorite photos and videos with friends and family, keep them to yourself as backup copies, or show off your portfolio to the whole world. As of February 2015, Flickr gives you a full terabyte of free storage -- enough room for a million 1MB photos. All you need is a free Yahoo account to get started.

Upload up to 1TB of photos to Flickr.
(Screenshot courtesy of Flickr.)
Step 1

Log in to Flickr with your free Yahoo ID, or create a new account by clicking the "Sign Up for Flickr" link. Once you're signed in, click the "Upload" link at the top of the Flickr home page.

Click "Upload."
Screenshot courtesy of Flickr.
Step 2

Open a File Explorer window containing your photos and drag them onto the page. Alternatively, click the "Choose Photos and Videos" button, select your photos in the navigation window that opens and click "Open." To upload more than one photo at a time, click the check box above each image icon in the navigation window.

Flickr accepts photos up to 200MB in most formats. JPEG, PNG and non-animated GIFs are uploaded without change. Other formats are converted to JPEG format when you upload them. Although videos can be up to 1GB in size, Flickr limits playback to 3 minutes.

Upload one or more photos to Flickr.
Screenshot courtesy of Flickr.
Step 3

Click the "Replace Titles" option in the left menu once your photo thumbnails appear. Other options include adding a description, searchable tags or the names of friends on Flickr who might appear in the photos. To fill in all of the fields, press "Tab" after each entry to advance to the next. If you haven't added folders or groups for your photos, Flickr prompts you to create them when you select those options.

By default, images are public, with all rights held by you, but you can change these settings by clicking the appropriate owner settings on this page.

Add titles and descriptions to your photos.
Screenshot courtesy of Flickr.
Step 4

Click the "Upload" button in the upper-right corner of the page. A dialog box opens with information about your photos. Confirm your decision by clicking "Upload" once again, or "Continue Editing" to go back to the last page.

Click the "Upload" button.
Screenshot courtesy of Flickr.
Step 5

Select any photo once it's been uploaded to expand its size on the page. Click the "Edit" icon to edit, rotate, replace or delete the photo. The other icons provide options for purchasing prints, sharing or downloading your photos.

Click the "Edit" icon.
Screenshot courtesy of Flickr.
Step 6

Scroll down the page to change any of the editing options you selected when uploading the photo. These include changing the photo's folder, privacy option and tags.

If the photo is not suitable for a global public audience, click "Safe" and change the safety level to "Restricted." Select "Moderate" when you're not sure if the photo should be restricted or not. Regardless of the safety level you select, Flickr may automatically change images to restricted if the company believes they are not workplace or family friendly.

Scroll below a photo to change its safety level.
Screenshot courtesy of Flickr.

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Tips & Warnings

  • In addition to its website, Flickr has a mobile app for uploading photos from most smartphones and tablets.
  • To upload photos to Flickr using email, log in and go to Flickr's Uploading by Email page (see Resources). Attach a photo to an email message addressed to that address. Type a title for the photo in the Subject field. To add tags to the photo, type "tags" after the title and enter each tag separated by a space. If you're uploading a photo from a prom, for example, with title of "Prom Night" and the tags "dress" and "prom," the subject line would be: "Prom Night tags: dress prom."


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