How to Choose a Disposable Camera


Confused about which disposable camera is best for your outing? Variables such as lighting and fast moving objects will dictate which single use camera is best for your situation.

Things You'll Need

  • A store with ample disposable camera selections (online or physical store).
  • Begin by assessing the settings you are going to be taking pictures in. Will you be in bright sunlight? Indoors with normal or low lighting? Did you want these pictures to be in black and white? Will you be taking pictures near splashing water or maybe even under water? Take note of these settings and read the next step.

  • If you have decided the majority of your roll will be taken in direct or bright sunlight, you will need to purchase a camera that is using a fast film speed. Film speed is indicated on the camera by a 3-digit number. With disposable cameras these numbers usually range from 400 to 800, 400 being the slowest speed and 800 being the fastest. The more light there will be, the faster you will need your film speed. A disposable camera with a film speed of 800 will be perfect for a bright or sunny outing.

  • When deciding on a disposable camera for an indoor or low lighting situation you will want to examine the cameras that have slower speed film inside of them. For general indoor use, a disposable camera using 600 speed film with a flash is perfect. For lower light settings try a camera using 400 speed film also with a flash.

  • Maybe you want your pictures to be in black and white for a more distinguished effect. Although, a little easier to find online than in a storefront, disposable cameras that use black and white film are available. Their film speed is usually 400, and usually they do come with a flash.

  • Thinking about taking pictures at the beach with clear water or maybe even under the water? Disposable cameras sealed to be waterproof are available now in stores. They are just as easy to use as a regular single-use camera and come with flash as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are looking for a large amount of disposable cameras for a wedding or special event there are Web sites that offer cameras with special decorated covers in bulk pricing.
  • Disposable underwater cameras do have a limit how far under the water they can go, be sure to read the depth limit on the box.

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