How to Play the Drinking Game Spin The Bottle


Everyone remembers that impishly delightful spin the bottle game from childhood. But as we grow older and wearier it takes a bit more than risqué pecks on the cheek to raise our spirits. Now we know that the best way to raise a spirit is in a shot glass. Cheers! Let's play the drinking game spin the bottle and get wasted.

Things You'll Need

  • Drinks
  • Bottle

Play the Drinking Game Spin The Bottle

  • Gather some friends. There's going to be kissing involved, so recruit players from both genders. Or don't. This game is best for four to six people.

  • Sit in a circle. Find somewhere to sit that has a hard, flat surface. Arrange the seating so each girl has a boy on each side.

  • Place a bottle in the center of the circle. Set it on its side so it spins freely.

  • Spin the bottle. Whoever feels brave enough gives the bottle the first spin.

  • Wait for the bottle to stop spinning. Now, the person who spun the bottle must do one of the following.

  • Kiss the person that the bottle is pointing at.

  • Tell a truth. The person that the bottle is pointing at is allowed to ask the person who spun the bottle any question.

  • Do a dare. The person that the bottle is pointing at can dare the person who spun to do something, and he must do it.

  • Take a drink. If the spinner refuses all other options, she must take a drink.

  • Spin again. Take turns going clockwise or counterclockwise around the circle.

Tips & Warnings

  • Drinks can be taken from the bottle that is being spun or everyone can have their own drink.
  • Vary the game as you please. Instead of having the person who spins take a drink, make the person that the bottle points at drink.
  • Be a sport, but don't be a fool. Wisely remove yourself from the game if you feel you are getting too drunk.
  • Keep an eye on your friends. Cut them off and don't let them drive if they are past their limit.

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