How to Find Train Times for Malaysia Railways


"Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad" (Malaysia Railways) provides service throughout the Malaysian Peninsula. This railway system dates back to the time of British occupation and currently operates 2 main train lines, the West Coast and the East Coast lines. Follow these steps to start planning your trip.

Things You'll Need

  • Credit card
  • Computer with Internet access
  • Valid passport

Find Trains Times for Malaysia Railways

  • Find train times for Malaysia Railways by calling 011 (+60) 603 2267 1200 or by visiting their Web site (see Resources below).

  • Find times between stations, as well as fare information, by searching the site's intercity timetable.

  • Enter your departure and arrival station and the date you wish to travel. Note that for Kuala Lumpur's station, you should use "Sentral Kuala Lumpur."

  • Download the train timetable as a PDF so you have it handy.

Know Malaysia Railways

  • Use the West Coast line, which runs from Padang Besar (on the border with Thailand) to Singapore to travel between the west coast states of Malaysia.

  • Take the East Coast line from Gemas, where the two lines converge, to destinations in the eastern states of Peninsular Malaysia.

  • Ride on one of several branch lines from the main West and East Coast lines for extended service throughout the peninsula. The only state not serviced by the railways is Terengganu.

Know Malaysia

  • Learn that Malaysia consists of two geographical areas in southeast Asia. A federation of thirteen states, Malaysia is primarily situated in Peninsular Malaysia with 2 states on the island of Borneo, known as Malaysian Borneo.

  • Find Kuala Lumpur, the capital of this federalized constitutional monarchy, in West Malaysia or Peninsular Malaysia. This rapidly growing metropolis has become a major tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

  • Get to Malaysia by plane and you will most likely arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, located near the capital city. There are several other international airports in the country as well, but the majority of air traffic is received in Kuala Lumpur.

Tips & Warnings

  • All phone numbers include the U.S. international prefix "011." When calling internationally outside the United States, substitute that "011" with "00."
  • All country codes are within parentheses and begin with a "+" sign.
  • Malaysia Railways was originally a government-owned institution known as the Malayan Railway Administration. With an ongoing effort towards corporatization, this railway system continues to undergo renovation, including line expansion and conversion to electrified rails for faster train service.
  • Review the travel advisories and consular information sheet provided by the United States Department of State Web site (see below) before planning travel to or within Malaysia.
  • You cannot book tickets on the Malaysian Railways Web site.
  • U.S. citizens possessing a valid passport may travel for less than 90 days in Malaysia without a visa.

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