How to Book Travel on Sriwijaya Air

Home to everything from towering volcanoes to verdant rainforests, Indonesia is a veritable one-stop shop for travelers with a yen for all manner of exotic locales. Those who want to book travel on Sriwijaya Air should know that this carrier offers domestic flights to those traveling to Indonesia's larger cities.

Things You'll Need

  • A passport and visa.
  • A computer with Internet access.
  • Telephone with international dialing capability.
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  1. Book Travel on Sriwijaya Air

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      Visit the company's Web site (see Resources below) to get information about its flight schedule and fare information. Be aware that online booking is not available.
      Or phone: 011 (021) 5405566
      When calling internationally outside the United States, substitute "011" with "00."

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      Exercise frugality by purchasing your ticket for travel on Sriwijaya Air after your arrival in Indonesia, if at all possible. Sriwijaya Air tickets purchased in Indonesia can be as much as 50 percent cheaper than those purchased overseas with US currency.

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      Choose your destination. Sriwijaya Air offers flights to locations like Jakarta, Medan and Banda Aceh.

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      Book your tickets for travel on Sriwijaya Air via a travel agent for maximum ease.

    Prepare for Your Travel on Sriwijaya Air

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      Know that Sriwijaya Air is based on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Most flights go in and out of Jakarta.

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      Be aware that Sriwijaya Air offers only one class of seating. You can visit the company's Web site to see a list of fares (see Resources below).

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      Keep in mind that full meals are not served on Sriwijaya Air. Passengers get a snack box, along with a bottle of mineral water.

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      Expect to fly on a mid-size plane. Sriwijaya Air's fleet consists of 15 Boeing 737-200s that hold more than 100 passengers each.

    Navigate Indonesia, Home Country of Sriwijaya Air

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      Do your shopping in Jakarta, the city from which many of the airline's flights originate. It's home to a well-known flea market that offers woodcarvings, furniture, brassware, jewelry, batik and antiques. Be prepared to bargain like a pro, as bargaining is a culturally accepted way of doing business. Ask the seller to state his price; then make an offer of between a third to two-thirds of the price stated.

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      Never say no to a drink. It's considered rude in Indonesia to refuse a drink that's been offered to you, even if you're not the least bit thirsty.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be prepared for the culture of Indonesia. In keeping with the values of many Asian cultures, Indonesian culture tends to place a great value on standards of courtesy. You should also be aware that the dominant religion in Indonesia is Islam.

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