How to Identify Pests That Harm Maple Trees


The maple tree is one of fall's most glorious sites. The red leaves are the true representation of this beautiful tree. If you have maple trees, it's important that you learn to identify pests that may harm them.

  • The Asian longhorned beetle is one of the larger tree insects. It ranges in length from 1 to 2 inches. A hallmark of this beetle is it's long banded black and white antennae which can reach up to four inches. You'll see a shiny black body that has white spots. The beetles are capable of flying, but their body size prevents them from getting very far.

  • Aphids are another pest that attacks maple trees. The two types of aphids that generally attack this tree are the green peach and the melon/cotton, both of which are green. They have tiny soft bodies with a mouth parts that enable to aphids to pierce the maple leaf and then suck the nutrients. You will also notice a sticky substance on the maple's leaves if you have an infestation of aphids. Adult aphids may or may not have wings.

  • Scale are another insect that plague the maple. You'll find this pest on the leaves and stems. They're small, lack legs and resemble bumps. They cause leaves to yellow. If you have mature forms of scales, their waxy covering protects them from insecticides. However, the younger scales are susceptible to insecticides.

  • Mites that create galls can be very harmful to the maple tree. Mites are very small and usually measure around 1 mm. They have eight legs rather than six, but you can't see this without a magnifying glass. If you do look at a mite under a magnifying glass, you can see that young mites are greenish white while older mites are reddish brown.

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