How to Identify Whether Grubs are Damaging Your Lawn


Grubs cause much lawn damage in certain areas of the world. Grubs are actually the larval life cycle of a beetle. If you suspect that you have an infestation of grubs, follow this procedure to confirm or deny your suspicion.

  • Look for small white creatures.

  • You will often find grubs in a C shape when they are feeding on your lawn.

  • Generally, you will find damage from grubs starting in mid August and continuing until early October.

  • When it is an infestation of grubs damaging your lawn, you will see brown patches. Of course, brown patches can result from other lawn issues, so do not rely on this one characteristic.

  • If you do have a brown spot, lift the grass in the brown patch. If you see the little white creatures in a C shape on the root zone, you will know you do indeed have a grub infestation.

  • If you find 8 to 12 grubs in a square foot area, you will need to treat your lawn.

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