How to Find all the Weapons in Ninety-Nine Nights Part 2


Moving on from Inphyy and Aspharr, we find ourselves with Myifee, the guy with the big double sword! Playing him is a bit more of a challenge, making finding his weapons all the more interesting! To battle!


  • Begin with the Double Edge weapon.

  • Check for a treasure chest behind the church in the Felppe Village stage. This will have the Double Sword.

  • Scour the southern area of the central courtyard in the Bastide of Varrgandd. There should be a treasure chest with The Tornado in it, right before you meet Tea Tea.

  • Look for a treasure chest north of the 4th gate in the Ice Gate stage. This will contain the Dual Crescent.

  • Take the western path out of the starting point in the Everr Mountains stage and look for a chest. Contents: the Black Ox.

  • Head to the Pholya Flatlands and look for a catapult and treasure chest near the top of the map. It may be a bit tricky, but the powerful Ansalar is the reward for perseverance.

  • Look near the giant statue at the end of the Bastide of Varrgandd for a treasure chest. If there is nothing there, you need to go back and defeat more enemies. If you've killed enough, you will find the Tempest.


  • Start with the Twin Fang.

  • Watch for Myifee at the Bastide of Varrgandd. When you find him, look around for a treasure chest. It will contain the Assassin Dagger.

  • Check the western end of the temple at the Bastide of Varrgandd for a treasure chest. This one has the Khukuri in it.

  • Look for another treasure chest at the Ice Gate, beyond the fifth gate. Inside you will find the Black Scimitar.

  • Look for a treasure chest a little ways north of where you meet Dwykfarrio at the Pholya Flatlands. This will be the Hell's Dagger.

  • Poke around the right side of the main gate at the Ice Gate and look for a chest. The Deviltooth waits inside.

  • Defeat all the enemies in the fog at the eastern end of the Castle of Varrvazarr to earn the Nemesis. Watch for the sparkling.

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