How to Find all the Weapons in Ninety-Nine Nights Part 1


Each character in Ninety Nine Nights has several weapons which can greatly enhance their performance on the battlefield. Most of them are just laying in chests, waiting to be found! Some of them are more difficult to obtain than others, and of course, the most powerful weapons are the most difficult to obtain. Are you up to the challenge?


  • Start the game with her Temple Sword and go from there.

  • Snag the Blaze Sword in the Eaurvarria Mountains at the very end of the stage. It is in a treasure chest near a troll and a guard tower.

  • Get the Bloody Rose Sword along the second western path in the Eaurvarria Mountains. It is at the end of the path in a treasure chest.

  • Grab the Orb Sword outside Fort Wyandeek. Check for a treasure chest in the center of the Goblin camp.

  • Take the eastern path at the end of the Fort Wyandeek stage and look for a treasure chest at the top. The reward: the Phoenix Blade.

  • Complete the Pholya Flatlands stage with an A rank to obtain the Prominence Sword.

  • Conquer the Eaurvarria Mountains stage with an S rank to earn the Klausorus Sword.

  • Head north from the start in the Ywa-Ue-Uar Forest stage and look for a small side path on the map. It contains a chest with the Amethyst Saber.


  • Begin the game with his Temple Spear.

  • Look for his Earth Pike in the Eaurvarria Mountains stage. Take the first right path and follow it to the end, then look for a treasure chest.

  • Obtain the Water Pike in the Castle of Varrvazarr. Run through the fog on the east side of the castle and look for a treasure chest.

  • Head to Fort Wyandeek and take the western path at the end. The Crystal Spear awaits you at the top.

  • Complete the Castle of Varrvazarr with an S rank to earn the Bryunak Spear.

  • Keep playing Fort Wyandeek until the Knight Lance drops from a random enemy. No treasure chests, no earning to do, it's all luck on this one. Items that increase item drop rate might help.

  • Check for a treasure chest near the starting location in Fort Wyandeek for the Blue Lancer.

  • Score an S rank on the Ywa-Ue-Uar Forest to earn the Neredis Spear.

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