How to Kill the Berserker in Gears of War


At the end of the China Shop act, not only must you deal with being the new team leader, you have a Berserker to deal with! This monstrosity is immune to normal weapons and can only be killed by the Hammer of Dawn. But there's a catch: both you and the Berserker are inside.

  • Fear not. There are no enemies for this fight, save the Berserker. All you will need is the Hammer of Dawn, and your pistol.

  • Head to the left after the Alpha Squad soldier buys it and snag his COG tag, then head back to the other side.

  • Hold the left thumbstick down and move it slightly to walk carefully. This will not attract the Berserker.

  • Move straight through the complex until you come to a door that cannot be kicked. You will need to lure the Berserker here (pistol shots work well to lure the beast and don't waste the precious ammo), get it to charge you, then duck out of the way at the last minute in order to get it to smash the door.

  • Watch out! The Berserker kills you in a single hit, even on Casual mode!

  • Continue luring it into the doors. You will need to do this 3 times to get it outside.

  • Take a look to the right of the 3rd door. There should be a COG tag waiting for you!

  • Make haste! You have a limited amount of satellite coverage, and that time ticks away while you lure the Berserker outside! The longer it takes to get it outside, the less time you have to blast it!

  • Sneak around to the Berserker's back once you're outside. It will notice if you target it from the front, and you do not have enough time to blast it before it kills you.

  • Make sure you continue holding down the trigger for the full blast of the Hammer of Dawn. Partial blasts will take a lot longer to bring it down! Around 2-3 blasts should bring it down (depending on difficulty level.)

  • Celebrate, the Berserker is dead!

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