How to Style Fine Straight Hair

The combination of fine and straight hair can sometimes be the style death knell for those "blessed" with it. But it doesn't have to mean endless days of flat, boring hair if you know which cuts and products work best with this hair type.


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      Remember that it's all in the cut. This is so true of fine hair, especially fine hair that is bone straight. The key to fabulous fine hair is to have it cut in such a way that it maximizes the hair's potential for movement and body.

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      Don't let your hair get too long. Due to fine hair's tendencies to weigh itself down when it gets too long, keep it no longer than a few inches past the shoulders. This is especially true if your height is 5-foot-4 or shorter. Your super-long hair will not only drag itself down but take all of you along with it.

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      Layers are the answer. For maximum movement and a soft, trendy style, opt for some long layers to be added to the last few inches of your hair. But not just any technique will do. The best bet for fine, straight hairstyles is to create layers with texturizing scissors. This can put choppy pieces into your style and create a good boost.

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      Choose the right hair products. Start with a volumizing shampoo and a very light conditioner (spray-in is ideal). The combination of a body-boosting shampoo and a super-light conditioner will give your fine hair a serious fighting chance against flattening out on you.

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      Continue the volume trend with your styling products. Buy volumizing mousses or texturizing sprays that will give you control over your hair, but won't be so heavy as to weigh it down.

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      Flip your head upside-down while blow drying to create volume. This will give you an easy but casually chic hairstyle for fine hair. Massage the roots of your hair to create lift and finger-comb the length of your hair for soft texture.

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      Flip your head right-side up again once your hair is only slightly damp, and finish off styling with a medium-sized round brush. Concentrate on giving the ends of your layers and hair a small bend to create sexy and subtle waves.

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      Use a light-hold hairspray with humidity control to hold the style in place.

Tips & Warnings

  • Fine hair is prone to damage and breakage from heat and everyday styling stress. Be sure to give your fine hair some TLC with a once-a-month deep-conditioning treatment.
  • Skip heavy conditioners and styling gels when you have fine, straight hair. It will only weigh your hair down and leave you flat.
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