How to Throw a Double Front Flip off a 1-Meter Springboard


You have mastered the front flip off the 1-meter springboard. If you want to learn how to throw a double front flip off a 1-meter springboard then read this article.

Things You'll Need

  • Ability to Swim
  • Ability to do a front flip
  • Wear a T-shirt. Wear a T-shirt when trying this trick for the first time to lessen the pain if you do not calculate the double flip correctly and land on your stomach or back.

  • Know how to do a forward flip. If you do not know how to do a forward flip on the springboard, then read "How to Perform a Forward Flip on a Springboard".

  • Adjust the Diving Board. Adjust the springiness of the diving board. Make the board more springy then you would for a front flip, but do not make the board too springy.

  • Do a Test Run. After your change the springiness of the board, take a practice jump off the board. Do a simple jump off the board to adjust to the new springiness.

  • Prepare to do a flip. Before you attempt the flip, picture yourself throwing a double front flip in your mind. Imagine yourself throwing a front flip, but you will be spinning much faster.

  • Throw the Flip. To throw a double front flip, take a big jump off the board. Then, form a very tight tuck-position in the air. When you form the tuck position, throw your arms and shoulders forward quickly. Grab your knees tightly. Throw your head forward towards your knees. While maintaining the tuck position, pull your legs to help yourself rotate.

  • The Key. There are three key aspects to the double front flip. You must jump high enough off the board. You must rotate fast enough in the air. You must also know when you should "open up" or "come out of" your tuck position to enter the water smoothly.

  • Practice. If you do not succeed on the first try, assess your dive. Try changing any of the three key aspects of the flip.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remeber to wear a t-shirt. Your first attempt at a double front flip may result in a belly-flop.

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