How to Prepare for Your College Graduation


You are about to graduate from college. College graduation usually means a significant lifestyle change. Read this article for tips on how to prepare for the lifestyle changes after college.

Things You'll Need

  • Patience
  • The Move. You graduated college. Whether you were in the dorms or in an apartment off campus, you will probably have to move after college. Before you graduate start thinking about where you want to live. Make plans for your move before you graduate. If you cannot find a good option, consider moving home with your parents until you find a good choice.

  • The Job. Maybe you had a part-time job in college, but after you graduate you will probably need to find a full-time position. Start looking for a job before your graduate. See if your college has a career center. Attend any recruiting seminars at your school. If you are not satisfied with the job choices before graduating, consider working a temporary job that will pay the bills until you find a better opportunity.

  • The Bills. Be prepared to pay bills when you graduate. Figure out how you will pay your student loans back before the grace period is over.

  • The lack of free time. You felt like you were busy in college, but now that you have a 9-5 job you really feel the lack of free time. After college you will no longer have that occasional Wednesday morning or Friday afternoon to get coffee or go to the beach. The new structured schedule after college may make you feel tied down like you are in jail. Even if you were busy in college you will probably feel busier after college because more things happen on a set schedule. In college, sure you spent a lot of time studying, but you could usually choose when you were going to study. In the real world, everything is on a set schedule and thus may make you feel busier.

  • The Responsibility. If you somehow sleep through your alarm in college and miss a class, the professor will most likely not automatically fail you. If you somehow sleep through your alarm after college and miss work, you can expect more dire consequences.

  • The Social Life. College tends to be an inherently social environment. You live and study among the same people every day. You see people in class, while walking to class, in the dining hall, in the dorms, at the library and many other places. After college, your circle of friends will probably decrease in size because you will have to make a greater effort to see people. Also, your friends may have all ****tered in different directions leaving you knowing very few people in your area. Being friends with people at work also has different consequences than being friends with people in your classes at college.

  • What Can You Do? Be prepared for all the changes that will occur after college. You will grow as a person and move forward if you can learn to embrace these changes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember, you can always go back to graduate school.

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