How to Prepare for a Great Day at the Beach


You are planning a day trip to the beach with all your friends. The problem is you have not been able to get to the beach in years and you need a refresher course on beach activities. Read these steps for tips on how to have a good time at the beach.

The Sun. Bring sun-block and sunglasses. Bring extra sun-block for your friends just in case. A sun-burn will make you sore, tired and unable to stay at the beach all day. Bring waterproof and sweat proof sun-block. Apply the sun-block before you leave the house. You want the sun-block to be completely absorbed by your skin by the time you arrive at the beach. Make sure your sunglasses make a fashion statement AND offer you sufficient protection from the sun.

Food. Pack a cooler with some fresh fruit and sandwiches. Pack tons of extra water. If you are going with a group of single friends, then pack a few extra snacks to share with the other singles on the beach.

Hand-Wipes. If you plan to eat at the beach, also bring some Hand-wipes to clean your hands with before eating. It will be hard to enjoy a sandwich if your hands are covered in sand and salt.

Towel. Bring a large soft towel to sit on at the beach. Buy one of those towels that seems big enough to be a blanket. If you plan to go in the water, then bring another, smaller towel to dry yourself off.

Beach Chair. If you prefer to be really comfortable at the beach then bring a fold-up beach chair.

Beach Bag. You need a bag that will fit everything you are bringing with you. It will probably be windy at some point during the day at the beach. If you leave your Frisbee, towel, or sun-block out of the bag, then these individual items may blow away in the wind.

Footwear. Bring flip-flops to walk on the sand with. Sneakers and other shoes will be uncomfortable because they will probably fill with sand. You need flip-flops even if you plan to go bare-foot because the sand may be too hot to walk on.

Clothing. If you plan to go in the water or be active, wear shorts and a shirt that will dry off quickly. Bring an extra pair of long pants and a sweat-shirt or windbreaker in case the temperature starts to decline over the course of the day. You can also use your extra clothing as a pillow.

Frisbee. Bring a Frisbee to throw around with your friends on the beach. If you are at the beach with a bunch of single guy friends then invite some girls on the beach to play Frisbee with you. Make things interesting by playing in ankle-deep water.

Body Board. Bring a few extra body-boards to ride the waves with. If the waves are a descent size then bring fins as well. The fins will help you gather speed to ride the larger waves.

Swim-wear. If you plan to do anything at the beach besides sit in a chair all day, then make sure you wear practical swim-wear. The beach is not the place to see if your new white bikini becomes transparent in the water. If you plan to go in the ocean and there are any waves at all, then make sure your swim wear will stay on. What use will your new bikini be if it unties itself and floats out to sea? What use are your saggy swim trunks if the waves pull them around your ankles? Save your "cool-looking" but non-functional swim wear for tanning by the pool.

A Volleyball. Some beaches have volleyball nets set-up for use by the general public. Volleyball is a great sport to play at the beach because you can include all your friends. It is also relatively easy for a semi-athletic person to learn the game well enough to be somewhat useful while playing. You can also meet other people on the beach by offering to play a game against them.

A Kite. The difference in temperature between the air and the water tends to guarantee a breeze at the beach later in the afternoon. If the beach is not crowded, then bring a kite.

Book/Magazine. Bring a few magazines to flip through with your friends while you rest at the beach. Magazines create a more social atmosphere than books.

Music. Many beaches do not allow you to play music. If the beaches do, however, allow music, bring a small radio or cassette player. Be careful not to annoy the neighboring people on the beach.

Camera. Bring a camera to take pictures of the memorable event. Do not, however, bring your most expensive high-tech camera with you to the beach. Salt, water and sand are generally not good for electronics. Try using a disposable camera.

Jewelry, watches and other valuables. Take your rings, ear-rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and anything else off before you leave your house. Jewelry dropped in the sand is usually lost forever.

Location. Now that you have everything prepared for your trip, you must pick a good spot on the beach. Try to get a spot in the sand a few feet above the high tide mark. Choose a spot relatively close to the bathrooms and any other conveniences such as food. Also, if you plan to go in the water be safe and stay near the lifeguard towers.

Garbage Bags. Bring garbage bags to put your food trash in. After you are done eating you must put your trash away fast. If there is no garbage can nearby, then put your trash in the bag and put the bag back in the cooler. Seal the cooler. Food at the beach attracts birds. The birds at the beach tend to be used to people and will get very close to you to get your food. The birds will also poop on you so do yourself a favor and put your food away right away.

After the Beach. Plan to go to sleep early after a long day at the beach. The sun seems to sap your energy.

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