How to Enjoy Spring Break at Rosarito Beach


You have decided to take a spring break trip to Mexico with your college friends. Rather than go on an organized spring break trip you have decided to plan your own trip. Read these steps for tips on how to plan a great spring break trip to Rosarito Beach Mexico.

Time. For the true "Spring Break" feel you want to be in Rosarito Beach at the same time as other spring breakers. Hopefully your spring break falls around the same time as other colleges. If not, go from Thursday-Sunday. Regardless of spring break time the weekends will attract more people in Rosarito.

Length of Trip. Although a week may sound tempting, four days is all you need for a good spring break trip. You can drink enough Margaritas and soak up enough sun in four days.

Lodging Location. Find out where the popular bars and clubs are and stay in a nearby hotel. The popular bars and clubs for the tourists will generally be a close walk away from a few hotels. The hotels near the popular bars and clubs will be more expensive, but you will save yourself the hassle of taking cabs. You will also be safer staying in the center of town as opposed to staying on the outskirts.

Lodging Style. To be safe, you want to stay in a larger hotel with a security guard at the front door. Also, make sure you select a hotel with a pool and bar. Do not count on being able to "sneak" into another hotel and use the pool. Most hotels and pools have guards and are thus not easy to sneak into. Unless you are skilled at sneaking past potentially armed guards, book your room in a hotel with a pool.

Transportation. Park just north of the Mexican border in a gated lot and take the bus over the border. You can then take another bus to Rosarito from the Tijuana bus stop. Do not let any of your belongings out of your sight at the bus station. Do not pull your wallet out to give money to people- you will be asking for trouble. Bring a quarter if you wish to use the bathroom at the bus stop. If you decide to drive yourself, purchase car insurance in America before crossing the border. Driving in Mexico will be slightly different than driving in the states. Be sure you are prepared before trying to drive in Mexico. If you have a decent car, be sure to have an anti-theft device before driving over the border. If you have a lot of friends, you may also be able to take a van or a station wagon cab from the border to Rosarito.

Food. Be careful where you eat. Make sure the restaurant looks and smells clean. Hotel food at a decent hotel will usually be fine to eat. Wait until the last day of your trip before you try eating at one of those mobile taco stands. Any time you go to a new country your body needs time to adjust to the different types of bacteria in the food. On a Spring break trip you do not have time to adjust to eating the food. If you must eat a local taco from a stand- wait until the last day. That way if you get sick at least you were on your way home anyway.

Water. Do not drink the tap water. Buy bottled water immediately upon arrival. You will need bottled water to drink in the morning. Play it really safe and brush your teeth with bottled water as well. You only have four days for your spring break trip so you should exercise extreme caution and avoid getting sick.

Drinks. Order your drinks without ice. At the bars or the clubs someone will probably come up to you, blow a whistle and try to pour tequila down your throat. Although it may seem like someone is offering you a free shot, you will probably be charged for the shot immediately after you swallow the tequila. Also, avoid getting ripped off and ask the bar tender to quote a price for your drink BEFORE you order. Do this every time. The price of the drinks may vary randomly. If your $2 shot suddenly becomes $5, then just try another bar tender.

Night Life. Around the time of spring break, there is usually at least one club per night offering drink specials as an incentive for the spring breakers. For the real spring break feel go to whichever club has drink specials. Go early to avoid waiting in line. If you are in Rosarito over a really crowded weekend then go to the club during the day and ask the people what time they expect the line to start getting long. You must go early. You do not want to spend your spring break waiting in line to get into a club- especially when they are only letting "one-in" for every "one-out". The clubs may also have a cover charge. Bring extra money.

Money. Your American dollars will probably be good at any of the shops, bars or clubs around the area that attracts the spring breakers. You can thus save yourself the hassle of switching currency. Be aware of the exchange rate, however, and make sure you are not being charged more for paying with American money.

Valuables. Leave your valuables at home. Spring breakers can be a target for crime- they drink a lot, tend to have some cash and may be less aware of their surroundings. Bring only the minimum amount of cash necessary and a credit card for emergencies. Put your passport and extra valuables in a safety deposit box at the front desk of your hotel.

The Beach. Do not go on the beach at night. Even though you may want to go for a moonlit stroll- if you go to the beach at night you are asking for trouble. The beach will be dark, deserted and no one in town would be able to hear you scream if you do run into trouble. Also, during the day, figure out how clean the water is before venturing into the ocean. If no one can tell you how clean the water is- take this as a bad sign and head for the pool instead. If it is a beautiful day outside and no one is in the water, take this as a major hint that the water is not clean that day.

Safety #1. Do not, under any circumstances, go anywhere alone while on spring break. Remember that as a spring breaker you are a target for crime. People know that spring breakers are young, under the influence, out to have a good time, and not necessarily completely aware of potential dangers. If you like to venture out and explore by yourself wait until you get back home.

Safety #2. As laid back as Rosarito may seem during spring break, drug use will probably land you in jail. The Mexican police actually pay someone of non-Mexican descent to wander around the clubs and sell different types of party drugs. If someone tries to sell you drugs at a club- assume that person is an under cover cop. If someone offers you a joint at a club, it is probably an undercover cop. Drug use in Mexico will land you in jail and you will be at the mercy of the Mexican laws.

Safety #3. Bar fights. Avoid bar fights at all costs. You do not want to end up hurt and in the hospital during your spring break trip. Nor would you want the police to find you at fault and find yourself in Mexican jail.

Safety #4. Street Etiquette. You're leaving the club, the line for the bathroom in the club was 20 minutes long, everyone in the street seems jolly and drunk and you have to go to the bathroom. You think you can duck behind a dumpster, go to the bathroom and no one will see you. Going to the bathroom in the street in Mexico can land you in jail. Wait in line for the bathroom before leaving the club. A small wait for a bathroom will be far better than waiting to get out of jail in the morning. Avoid spitting in the street as well.

The Police. If you do find yourself in trouble with the police for some reason, carry some extra cash and ask "may I pay my ticket now" in Spanish. You do not want to blatantly bribe the cops, but if you have some cash on you it may be a nice option to pay your ticket now instead of going to jail.

Have Fun. Above all, find the good places to go out, stay in a central location, bring your friends and have a great time.

Tips & Warnings

  • As of January, 2007, a passport is required of all US citizens traveling between the US and Mexico by air. In January of 2008, the requirement will extend to travelers arriving by land or sea.
  • Be extremely aware of your surroundings. Take extra precautions to stay safe. You do not want to ruin your spring break trip by being a victim of a crime.

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