How to Conquer Final Fantasy X the Easy Way: Evrae and Bevelle


Home is gone! Hope you got all the goodies out before it went thermal. Now, on to find Yuna and battle Evrae the Guardian Wyrm of Bevelle. Here's how to conquer Final Fantasy X the easy way against Evrae:

Things You'll Need

  • Final Fantasy X
  • Poke around the airship and talk to the folks. There's no loot, so don't bother looking.

  • Talk to Rin. He's got a reward for you if you've gotten a lot of Al Bhed Primers.

  • Sell your junk to Rin and stock back up. Be sure to buy some Distillers--they'll come in handy later when fiends drop Power, Speed, Mana and Ability Spheres at lower rates. The various distillers cause fiends to drop the specified Sphere in addition to their normal loot.

  • Prepare yourself: The guardian wyrm, Evrae, awaits. This will be a tough one, so make sure everyone is geared up.

  • Pull out all the stops: Focus, Reflex, Aim, Cheer--use them all.

  • Tell Cid to move the airship back if you need a chance to heal. This gives you a couple turns to heal, but it means the Evrae can only be attacked by Wakka and Lulu. It also exposes you to Evrae's Swooping Scythe attack, which not only hurts but also brings Evrae back into melee range.

  • Have Cid launch the missiles at Evrae whenever he can.

  • Bring Rikku in IMMEDIATELY after Evrae uses Poison Breath, and have her pop an Al Bhed Potion. She should be in the entire fight.

  • Use Tidus to Slow Evrae when it uses Haste. You may have to do this several times.

  • Cast Haste on as many of your people as you can, especially Tidus and Rikku.

  • Use Dark and Delay Attacks on Evrae, but avoid elemental attacks; it takes 1/2 damage from all of them.

  • Use Smoke Bombs and Dark Attacks on the soldiers once you hit Bevelle. Beware the Machina! Take them down as quickly as possible.

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