How to Conquer Final Fantasy X the Easy Way: Al Bhed Home


You've survived Sanubia Desert and you've found your way to the Al Bhed Home. But it's under attack by the Guado, and some guy in the background continually shouts "I'm annoying, ha!" Let's finish this part quick, OK? Here's how to Conquer Final Fantasy X the easy way through Al Bhed Home:

  • Press "Mute" on your TV to shut the voice up. Getting rid of that guy in the background will cut down on some of the stress of this place. There aren't a lot of videos in here anyway, and you'll know that when people start talking again, it's time to turn the volume back up.

  • Take your time and be thorough. Muting that irritating voice takes some of the edge off, so put on music you like and make sure you investigate everything. There is some good loot hiding here and this is your only chance to get it. Yes, the random encounter rate is a bit high, but hey, you'll walk out of here richer and stronger.

  • Pound the Chimeras! When you reach the three-way junction, head to the right and enter the second door. You will be attacked by a pair of Chimeras and a Guado Guardian. Kill the Guardian, then attack the Chimeras with everything you've got. They are the same as the Chimeras you fought in Macalania Woods, only much tougher.

  • Use the Al Bhed Compilation Sphere here if you missed the first couple. You'll need it for this room unless you've done this before and have an exceptional memory.

  • Get verified. Before you can open the hidden chest in the Chimera room, you must be identified through a series of questions. This can be difficult if you do not have all the Al Bhed Primers or haven't done this before. In case you happen to be doing this one blindly, we've got the answers if you need them.

  • Answer the question, "Are you Al Bhed?" with "Yes," the third answer down.

  • Answer the question: "Name the Son of the Al Bhed Leader." Select "Brother," the last answer choice.

  • Answer the question: "On what island do the Al Bhed live?" Select "Bikanel Island," the second answer down.

  • Answer the question: "What is Al Bhed in Al Bhed?" Select the first answer (it will look different depending on how many primers you have).

  • Enter the code 5633 on the other chest to open it. The answer can only be determined with a lot of Al Bhed Primers. The sequence reads: The first digit is 4 plus 1 (5), the second digit is 7 minus 1 (6), the third digit is 3 times 1 (3) and the fourth digit is 2 plus 1 (3). Easy math, but reading the operators without the primers can be irritating.

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