How to Conquer Final Fantasy X the Easy Way: The Moonflow


We move on from the Moonflow in our series on how to beat Final Fantasy X the Easy Way. Let's go!

  • Summon Valefor to fight an Ochu and just Sonic Wing them into oblivion. They'll never get a turn!

  • Make sure Valefor and Ifrit are Overdrived before you fight Belgemine's Aeons again.

  • Consider having Yuna's Overdrive as well. That way your Aeon can blast off 2 Overdrives right off the bat.

  • Watch the Summoner's Soul tutorial after you defeat Belgemine. This will show you how to teach your Aeons new abilities!

  • Give Ifrit the Fira spell as soon as you can. This will let him heal himself much more effectively!

  • Stock up on Potions, Phoenix Downs and other healing items whenever you get the chance! Getting caught without Phoenix Downs is a disaster!

  • Buy your goods from O'aka when you hit the Moonflow. There are several Merchants aroung the Shoopuf depot, but all of them are a rip off compared to your buddy O'aka the 23rd!

  • Make sure Tidus and Wakka are ready for a fight before you ride the Shoopuf.

  • Use Tidus' Delay Attack to keep the Extractor at bay. This won't work on every boss, but it works great here!

  • Defend when the Extractor moves up and readies its Depth Charges.

  • Hold off on using Wakka's Dark Attack. The Extractor is immune.

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