How to remove Adware from your Computer

Adware can be so annoying! This software causes advertisments to pop up on
your computer without your knowledge or your consent.
It can even change your browser home page without your request. To rid your
computer of this unwanted nuisance, here are some steps you can take.


    • 1

      Identify the source of the software you want to delete. This can be done
      by going to "add/remove" in your control panel. To find your control panel,
      go to "Start", then "Settings" and you should find "control panel"

    • 2

      Look for software listed that you do not recognize. This is your culprit.
      Make a note of the company name. This could be useful.

    • 3

      Disconnect from the internet. You do not want to give the software
      anyway to connect with it's home site as you remove it from your computer.

    • 4

      If your start page is has been set to an adware site, reset it to a blank

    • 5

      Reboot your computer and return to add/remove.

    • 6

      Begin to uninstall the suspecting software. Read the prompts carefully
      to ensure that you are not telling it that you do not want it removed.

    • 7

      Once the uninstall is complete, reboot your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • The simplest way to remove adware is to purchase software designed for adware removal. This software is different from anti-virus software, however many of the anti-virus software has adware removal software included.

  • When you identify the offending adware, search the web for information on the suspecting company. This will help you to know what you are dealing with as you begin the actual removal process.

  • Avoid responding to pop up boxes that show up when you enter websites. This can unknowingly be a source of adware downloads.

  • Some adware can be self starting and stubborn to remove. This may require additional assistance to avoid damage to your computer.

  • Avoid file sharing. It puts you at higher risk for viruses and other unwanted downloads.

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