How to Play Afterlife


One of the most unique simulation games to appear on the market, Afterlife gives you the chance to be an advocate for the powers that be by creating your very own versions of Heaven and Hell. Who wouldn't want to reap the souls of creatures on an alien world and send them to an eternity of either bliss or fire and brimstone?

  • Insert the Afterlife CD in your drive. If you are running Windows XP, there is a chance that your system will not cooperate if you click "Install Afterlife." However, the game is nice enough to run by itself if you click "Play Afterlife." It will run the game off the CD. You will experience some loading times, but nothing major.

  • Enjoy the intro movie. It's hilarious!

  • Build a Gate. Your SOULs (Stuff Of Unending Life) need a way to get into your Heaven and Hell. This should be the first thing you do. Consider setting your Heavenly gate at the opposite end of the map from your Hellish gate.

  • Build some roads to tie things together. In Heaven, roads should be straight and designed with efficiency in mind. In Hell, roads should be windy, twisted and horribly inefficient. The damned must be made to walk a long way to get to their punishment! Also note that your reward/punishment zoning can be no more than 3 squares away from a road or it will become unusable.

  • Listen to Jasper and Aria! This Cherub and Demon pair are your advisors and unlike other city simulations, they do provide quite helpful advice. They also have some very amusing dialogue!

  • Construct a training center in both Heaven and Hell. Training structures allow you to train Angels and Demons domestically, rather than importing them. Domestic Angels and Demons are much cheaper than imported ones, and penny pinching is one of the pillars of Afterlife!

  • Add a dormitory for your Angels and Demons (Topias.) This will cut down on their commute time and make them more efficient. Topias also put areas around them under good or bad vibes, making them more efficient and balanced.

  • Make adjustments periodically. This is VERY important! One of the deplorable aspects of Afterlife is that it involves a great deal of micromanagement. All of your reward/punishment structures MUST remain balanced between brain and brawn or your cities will be thrown into complete disarray and you will lose money. The easiest way to fix the imbalance is to flatten the map so all that shows are the color squares, then use the inspection tool to go around and balance each one of them manually. This is more time-consuming than using the Macromanager, but it is free while the Macromanager is hideously expensive.

  • Toss a few Ad Infinitum Siphons into the mix. These structures can be built around the rocks that dot the landscape. As one might expect, they siphon off power for your use. Make sure you connect them to your city with a road or various other structures, or the power will have no way to get to you.

  • Cause a Soul Train to materialize when the time is right. Eventually, you will have SOULs that need to be reincarnated. To get them back to the material plane, you will need a Soul Train and some track. Soul Trains travel to the large portals that are placed here and there. The Soul Trains are linked, so stations in both Heaven and Hell can be run to the same portal.

  • Use a Limbo Bar if you really have to. These buildings should only be used as a desperate act to stop the flow of lost SOULs. The first thing you should be doing is checking to see why you're losing SOULs in the first place. Open-ended roads are the most common mishap, but some of your rewards/punishments may be overflowing. Remember that Limbo Bars are only a stopgap; they are not a permanent solution to lost SOULs.

  • Use your Gifts. When you bring in enough SOULs, the power that be will reward you with a Gift Structure.! These have unique effects, as well as being powerful beacons for good or bad vibes. Place them wisely.

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