How to Pinch Roll Your Jeans


Ahhh, the 1980s. Remember the monogrammed sweaters, Spudz Mackenzie, teased hair, jelly bracelets, The Bangles, Camaros, Jeff Spicoli and, of course, pinch-rolled jeans. Let's take a walk down memory lane and reminisce on how to roll the pinch. And for you first-time rollers ... read and learn.

Things You'll Need

  • Straight leg jeans, preferably acid-washed
  • Pinch the hem of your jean tight around your ankle.

  • With your other hand, hold the extra material straight out from your ankle.

  • Fold the flap of material so that it lies flat, wrapping it around your ankle.

  • Roll the hem up twice ... and viola! The infamous pinched-roll is back!

Tips & Warnings

  • To complete the nostalgic '80s look, pair your pinch-rolls with big slouch socks (do not cover the pinch-rolled hem) and Reebok high tops.
  • Names for this style varied by region. Other names for the pinched-roll included: tight-rolled, french-rolled, peg-rolled.
  • If you are going anywhere but an '80s party, you may be subject to stares, giggles, and even some pointing. My advice: Hold your head high and remember that every out-of-style style comes back around ... eventually.
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