How to Stop a Bloody Nose


This is the best way to stop a bloody nose while also ensuring that it does not come back.

Things You'll Need

  • Tisse paper
  • 1 thumb
  • 1 index finger
  • Begin by determining which nostril is bleeding. Roll up a small wad of issue and insert into the damaged nostril.

  • It should be snug so that no additional blood comes out, but not painfully snug. This is to prevent a larger mess but it does not actually stop the bleeding.

  • After the nostril is secure, take your index finger and thumb on one hand (doesn't matter which) and pinch the bridge of your nose.

  • Make sure to pinch the firm part of your nose where the cartilage is. For best results pinch the middle of the nose (not too high on the bridge of the nose or too close to the face), applying moderate pressure.

  • Place your fingers at the base of the cartilage, just before the nostrils begin to form. By squeezing the cartilage as opposed to your nostrils, you are stopping the blood flow higher up in the blood vessels and thus making it less likely that your nose will begin bleeding again.

  • Hold your pinched nose for approx. 120 seconds. You may need to change the tissue once during this time. It minimizes the dried blood inside your nostril and makes determining when the blood flow has stopped easier.

  • Once you are finished, wash your hands and face and continue doing whatever you were prior to the bloody nose. More importantly, do so without fear of additional bloody noses!

Tips & Warnings

  • Apply firm pressure but do not pinch too hard. It hurts and does not decrease the time needed to stop the bloody nose.
  • Do not tilt your head back at anytime. It can be harmful and isn't necessary!

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