How to Clean Your Rabbit's Cage or Play Area

For a healthy, happy bunny, you should clean your rabbit's cage every day and give it a thorough cleaning every week. Your rabbit's play area also needs weekly cleaning to remove old food and toys, and keep it disease-free. Rabbits are clean animals, and often use one area of their cages as a bathroom. Place a litter tray in this area to make cleaning up after your rabbit easy. In wire cages, rabbits need an area of wood or cardboard to sit on. That helps prevent the wires from damaging the rabbit's feet.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber gloves
  • Shredded newspaper, recycled paper pellets or other litter for rabbits
  • Dish detergent
  • Rabbit bedding, such as straw, timothy hay or washable blankets or towels
  • Household bleach
  • Cloth
  • Brush
  • Clean piece of wood or cardboard if the cage has a wire floor
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop
  • Floor detergent


  1. Daily Clean

    • 1

      Put on rubber gloves, and take your rabbit's litter tray out of his cage and put the used litter in the trash. Fill the tray with fresh litter, such as shredded newspaper or recycled paper pellets.

    • 2

      Remove and empty your rabbit's food and water containers. Wash bowls and bottles in hot, soapy water, and rinse them with fresh, clean water. Dry the food container, and refill the water container with clean, cold water before replacing them in the cage.

    • 3

      Check your rabbit's bedding for food, feces, fur, wet areas and other messes, and remove solid waste and wet or dirty bedding. Replace the bedding if you've removed so much that it doesn't cover the floor of your rabbit's sleeping area.

    Weekly Clean

    • 1

      Take your rabbit out of his cage and place him in a secure area, such as a safe room, a rabbit run or another cage.

    • 2

      Put on rubber gloves, and remove the rabbit's litter tray and food and water containers, and empty them. Wash the litter tray and food and water containers in hot, soapy water. Dilute 1 fluid ounce of household bleach in 1 quart of water. Soak a cloth in the bleach solution and wipe the litter tray. Place the food and water containers in the solution to soak for five minutes. Rinse the litter tray and food and water containers thoroughly in fresh, clean water.

    • 3

      Remove the bedding from the rabbit's cage and the wood or cardboard flooring if it's a wire cage. Sweep out dust and fur with a brush. Wash the cage with a cloth soaked in warm, soapy water and rinse it with warm, clean water. Clean washable bedding in a washing machine. Allow the cage to dry, and place clean bedding and wood or cardboard flooring inside. Fill the litter tray with clean litter and fill the water container with clean water. Place them and the food container in the cage.

    Play Area

    • 1

      Put on rubber gloves, and remove feces and other waste items from your rabbit's play area every day. Remove toys, bedding and fur every week.

    • 2

      Check your rabbit's toys and throw away any that show excessive chewing. Vacuum the play area every week if it's indoors, and mop it with hot water and floor detergent. Rinse the area with clean water.

    • 3

      Place new toys for rabbits such as cardboard boxes, telephone directories and commercially made chew sticks in the play area.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment to remove dust and fur from places that are difficult to reach.
  • To help prevent diseases, disinfect your rabbit's cage every month with a solution of 1 fluid ounce of bleach in 1 quart of water. Wipe all the cage surfaces, and rinse the cage with clean water. Allow it to dry thoroughly before returning your rabbit to his cage.
  • Never use clay cat litter, corn cob waste or cedar or pine shavings as litter or bedding in your rabbit's cage or play area.
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