How to Play With Your Rabbit


The more you get on the floor and play with your rabbit, the more he will consider you his playmate, especially if he doesn't have a rabbit companion. This is a great bonding time, and you will see him do things you didn't think rabbits could do - like dance!

Things You'll Need

  • Hard Plastic Baby Rattles
  • Small Baskets
  • Slinkys
  • Buy some toys for your rabbit. Plastic Slinkys, hard plastic baby key rings, hard plastic baby rattles and small unvarnished, unpainted baskets are great rabbit toys.

  • Cut the cardboard from a roll of paper towels into halves or thirds and stuff it with hay. Clean toilet paper tubes work well, too.

  • Get on the floor with your rabbit and give him one of the toys. Rabbits, like cats, are independent. Let your rabbit come to you. Rabbits are also very curious. They will want to check you out.

  • Shake a rattle and then place it on the ground near your rabbit. He will probably pick it up and toss it.

  • Play games like hide and seek with your rabbit or have him find alfalfa pellets hidden in your closed hands.

  • Pretend the Slinky is sneaking up on him. He will lunge at it and pretend to attack it. Roll the cardboard tube toward him or stand it up on end. He will pick it up and toss it or push it over. Then let him have it and toss it around.

  • Leave these toys in your rabbit's play area so he can play on his own when you aren't there to play with him.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never play with toys that can be harmful to your rabbit - anything with nails, staples, varnish, paint or things he can catch his nails on.
  • Make sure all toss toys are light and small so that your rabbit can easily pick up and toss them.

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