How to Balance School and Social Time


Strong social connections with peers, friends and family help reduce stress and shouldn't be neglected for the sake of a heavy homework load. The emotional benefits of a healthy social life can increase school success if you maintain a productive balance between school and social time.

Increase Homework Efficiency

  • Eliminate interruptions to increase your homework productivity. Study in a quiet place, like the library or a home office, and designate that time as off limits to social contact. Tell your friends why you can't be reached then, and tell them when you will be available later. Set tangible work-completion goals and stick to them.

Count Your Hours

  • Determine how much time you actually have after classes, commuting and personal care, and schedule those hours. Consider overlap where possible, such as eating a meal while you socialize. Set up your schedule to separate homework from social time, but make regular appointments with yourself for both. For example, set specific times each day for homework only, followed by a smaller amount of time each day for social contact via social media or by phone, with a larger block of time once or twice per week for face-to-face visits. Accommodate last-minute social outings by staying on top of homework so that you are not too overwhelmed to juggle your schedule. Plan some downtime just for yourself to rest and recharge.

Get Adequate Sleep and Exercise

  • Cutting out sleep or exercise is tempting in a busy schedule, but doing so may increase your stress level. Ensure that you get enough sleep -- for adolescents, this is 9.5 hours per night, according to Allow time each day for physical activity to maintain optimal health.

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