DIY Gold Star Swag Bags


Give your guests the VIP treatment for an awards night party or special occasion with simple-to-make swag bags. Fill them with a classic movie, candy, a bottle of soda and a bag of microwave popcorn, and award your guests for "best dressed," "best hair," "best movie knowledge," and more. Hold the applause; your swag bags are sure to be winners!

(Image: Jessica Begum)

Things You'll Need

  • White canvas tote bag
  • Star template
  • Printer and printer paper
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard, sized to fit inside the tote
  • Painter's tape, 1 1/2 inch 
  • Glitter gold acrylic paint 
  • Flat paintbrush 
  • Gold glitter 
  • Decoupage medium
(Image: Jessica Begum)

Step 1: Cut Out Star

Begin by printing the template and cutting out the star.

(Image: Jessica Begum)

Step 2: Line the Bag With Cardboard

Place the cardboard inside the tote and lay it flat on a work surface. Position the star cutout evenly on the front of the tote.

(Image: Jessica Begum)

Step 3: Trim Tape at an Angle

Outline the star with painter's tape. Trim the end of the tape at about a 135-degree angle. Place the corner at an inside point on the star and lay the tape flat on the tote. The tape edge should be flush with the edge of the star. Trim away the excess tape.

(Image: Jessica Begum)
(Image: Jessica Begum)

Step 4: Trim Tape at 45 Degrees

Now, trim the tape again, this time at an angle in the opposite direction at 45 degrees. Lay it along the opposite edge of the star.

(Image: Jessica Begum)
(Image: Jessica Begum)

Step 5: Continue Taping Around the Star

Continue trimming strips of painter's tape at opposite angles and placing them around the star until it is entirely outlined in tape. Be sure you're not actually taping the star template down on the tote.

Remove the paper star template from the middle. Use your fingers to press the edges of the tape firmly down on the canvas tote.

(Image: Jessica Begum)

Step 6: Paint With Gold Acrylic Paint

Use a paintbrush and cover the star with glitter acrylic gold paint.

(Image: Jessica Begum)

The glitter paint will look opaque until it dries.

Step 7: Shake on Glitter

While the paint is still wet, shake gold glitter over the star until it is covered in a single even layer. You can use the paintbrush to even out any lumps in the glitter.

(Image: Jessica Begum)

Step 8: Paint Over With Decoupage Medium

Use a paintbrush to evenly paint a layer of decoupage medium over the glitter. You'll want to completely saturate the glitter. Paint as evenly as you can, making sure all of the little flakes of glitter are covered with glue. Keep in mind the glitter will lose its luster until it dries.

(Image: Jessica Begum)
(Image: Jessica Begum)

Step 9: Remove the Tape

Before the glue has a chance to dry, carefully remove the painter's tape from the tote, beginning with the corners and moving to the center.

(Image: Jessica Begum)

Step 10: Allow to Dry

Allow the tote to dry for a couple of hours, undisturbed.

(Image: Jessica Begum)

Step 11: Remove Cardboard

Remove the cardboard from inside the tote and it is ready to go! The decoupage medium will dry clear to preserve the sparkle in the glitter. It will also keep the glitter in place while maintaining flexibility.

(Image: Jessica Begum)

Now, fill with treats and enjoy!

(Image: Jessica Begum)

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