How to Decorate a Cake With a Black-Widow Spider


A black-widow spider makes a creepy decoration for a variety of occasions, whether it's a Halloween bash or a birthday party for a kid who loves creepy, crawly arachnids. Make a black-widow cake topper -- complete with licorice legs -- for a round or square spiderweb cake to play up the spider theme. To make the spider decoration edible, bake a ball-shaped cake for the body and a cupcake for the head. While you may use any cake flavor, a red-velvet cake looks like the inside of a real spider.

Things You'll Need

  • Dark-colored buttercream frosting
  • White buttercream frosting
  • Icing spatula
  • Decorating bags
  • Toothpicks
  • Black fondant or black buttercream frosting
  • Rolling pin
  • Red fondant or red buttercream frosting
  • 8 pieces of long black licorice
  • Knife

Spiderweb Base

  • Frost a large round or square cake with buttercream frosting in your choice of color. Chocolate frosting works well, but other colors such as navy blue, red and dark purple dyed with gel food coloring also complement the cake. Spread the frosting as smooth as possible with an icing spatula.

  • Add a medium round decorating tip to a decorating bag. Fill the bag with white frosting. Draw concentric circles on the top of the cake, starting with a small circle at the center and finishing with a large circle along the top edge of the cake.

  • Drag a toothpick through the circle to create a web effect, making several straight lines around the circles. Start with the toothpick just inside the smallest circle at the center. Drag the toothpick in a straight line through the smallest circle, slowly working your way through the rest of the circles to the edge of the cake

Making the Spider

  • Cover a medium-sized ball cake and a cupcake with your choice of black fondant or black buttercream frosting. If you use buttercream frosting, set the pieces in place before applying the frosting. Spread buttercream frosting as smooth as possible with an icing spatula. If you prefer fondant, first apply a thin coat of buttercream to the cake and cupcake. Roll the fondant about 1/4 inch thick and roughly three times the diameter of the cake. Lay the fondant centered on top of the cake and smooth it out over all sides. Repeat with the cupcake. The bottom sides won't be perfect, but it's not visible on the cake.

  • Set the black ball cake slightly off center on top of the web cake. Set the cupcake in front of the ball cake with both pieces touching. This is only applicable for fondant-covered spiders because you must place the spider pieces before decorating with buttercream frosting.

  • Draw a red hourglass shape on the black-widow body with a decorating bag, small, round decorating tip and red frosting. If you use fondant, roll out a piece of fondant and cut out an hourglass shape with a sharp knife. Brush a bit of water on the back of the red shape to make it tacky, then place it on the black fondant body.

  • Push a toothpick into one end of eight pieces of black licorice candy. Push four of these licorice pieces, evenly spaced, into each side of the black-widow head. If you want the legs to bend, cut the licorice pieces in half. Bend eight more toothpicks at a 90-degree angle without breaking them; this might take a few tries. Push each of the two licorice halves into the ends of the bent toothpicks. Wrap the joints with black fondant or pipe on thick, black frosting.

  • Cut two short pieces of black licorice and push them into the front of the black widow head to complete the spider decoration.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can draw eyes on the spider's face if you want a cartoonish look. Black widows have eight eyes, but they're very small, dark colored and difficult to see, so they're not an important part of the cake decoration.

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