How to Do a 360 on a Longboard


Longboards are variants of skateboards that are longer and have larger wheels. When it comes to tricks, the 360 is a moderately easy longboard maneuver that involves spinning your board into a 360-degree turn while your body completes a 180-degree turn. The proportions of a longboard and the wheel size make it difficult gain enough momentum to turn the board with just your feet. Proper speed, stance and balance play a crucial role in completing a 360 successfully. A 360 slide is a variation of a 360 in which you lean back and place your glove on the ground and slide to facilitate the turn.

  • Set up your stance. Place your front foot on the nose of the board. This provides the grip necessary to pivot the board.

  • Place your back foot a few inches away from the tail of the board to create a wide stance, which provides good balance. Position your back heel so it hangs over the edge slightly. This position gives you the control needed to spin the board.

  • Accelerate the board to a moderate speed. Push down with your back foot to lift the front wheels of the board off the ground. At the same time, pivot the board in the direction that feels most comfortable to initiate the spin.

  • Jump into the air and spin your body 180 degrees, leading with your shoulder. Allow the board to spin underneath you and land in a switch position on top of the board as it completes the 360-degree turn. A switch position refers to when you land in the opposite direction.

Tips & Warnings

  • Practice spinning your board 180 degrees to get comfortable with the movement, before trying the 360-degree spin.
  • Use more force when you pivot if you find that the board falls short of completing a 360-degree turn.
  • Always wear safety gear such as a helmet, elbow and knee pads and gloves.

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