How to Make Changes on Skype


There are several places within the Skype software where you can make changes. You can change your status so people know if you're busy or not, and you can change your settings to make the software look different or use a different language. Most of the changes possible within Skype are located in the Options menu so you can affect all of the changes you want in one place. Changes to Skype can be easily undone if you don't like the results.

  • Launch the Skype app on your computer if you haven't already. If you've already launched Skype, it will be visible in the task tray on your computer as a circle with an oval at an angle through it. The color of the circle will be determined by your status within the Skype app. For example, if you are online the icon will be solid green. If you're busy, it will be red, and if you're set to invisible mode, the icon will be a green outline.

  • Sign in to Skype if you haven't already. Click the Skype logo next to your sign-in name to change your status, and then click the status you want to set as your new Skype status. You can also right-click on the Skype icon in your task tray to quickly change your status.

  • Click the "Skype" menu at the top of the window and point to "Profile." Choose "Change your Picture" to choose a new profile picture, or take one with your webcam. Choose "Change Your Sounds" to set new notification sounds to play when you use Skype. Click "Edit Your Profile" to change your picture or mood. You can also add a phone number or subscription settings. Your subscription settings are an optional way to add money to your Skype account for international calling.

  • Click the "Skype" menu. Choose "Change Password" to reset or change your login password.

  • Click the "View" menu. Choose either "Compact View," "Full Screen" or "Default View" to change the appearance of the Skype app.

  • Click the "Tools" menu, point to "Change Language" and select the language you want to use. The menus all stay in the same place, even if the language is different. If you choose a language you don't understand, just follow the steps to change it back.

  • Click the "Tools" menu and choose "Options" to get into most of the options for the Skype app. Here you can change your audio and video settings, your privacy settings, your notification settings, how calls work, your instant message and your SMS settings. Expand the headings on the left to see the specific options you can adjust. Under each heading are options that will expand. Explore the options to see what you might want to change.

Tips & Warnings

  • Change one thing at a time, use Skype for a bit and then change the next thing. That way you don't cause something to happen and not know which setting had that effect.
  • The Skype app continues running after you close the Skype window. You have to right-click on the Skype icon in your task tray and choose "Quit" to fully shut down the program.
  • Only change the Advanced options if you know what you're doing. Some of those options may make Skype not work on your Internet connection.

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