How to Communicate on "Minecraft"


Minecraft doesn't have a built-in video or audio communications program, but you can speak in text on the game. Players can alter the text chat in Minecraft to display different colors and types of formatting, like bold, obfuscated or underlined fonts. Even though no audio or video is available, you can use alternative programs for easier chat while you play, as long as you coordinate with other players to make sure everyone has the same program and each others' user IDs.

  • Press "T."

  • Type in your message. If you want to add formatting, press "§," the section sign, and then the letter that denotes the type of formatting you want to use. Type the text you want formatted and then end the formatting by placing another § at the end of the text.

  • Press "Enter" to send your message.

Tips & Warnings

  • §k denotes obfuscated font, §l makes font bold, §m adds strikethrough formatting, §n underlines text, §o makes text itaclized and §r resets the font.
  • §0-9 and a-f all denote different font colors (see link in Resources).
  • If you download a program like Skype, TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, make sure it's one that other players on your Minecraft server use. Exchange user IDs and add one another to the contacts list to talk while you play.
  • Sometimes keyboard mapping isn't set to default and a key other than "T" starts chat. Press "Controls" in Minecraft to see what key is set to chat.

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