How to Use the Controls in "DC Universe Online"


"DC Universe Online" is a massively multiplayer online action game available for both the PC and PlayStation 3 game console. Both versions have different control schemes to account for their different input devices. While the beginning of the game offers a tutorial covering the controls, it can be tough to remember all the commands, limiting your experience with the game. Once you've got them down, you'll be ready to battle the DC Universe's heroes, villains and other players.

PlayStation 3

  • Use the left analog stick to move your character. The right stick controls the game's camera. Click the left analog stick to toggle movement mode, enabling you to travel faster outside of combat.

  • Press the "X" button to jump. Use the "Square" button to perform a melee attack. "Triangle" performs a ranged attack. Hold "Circle" to interact with a person or object in the environment. For example, pressing "Circle" makes your character pick certain objects up. With an object in hand, press "Triangle" to throw it or "Square" to smash it.

  • Press the "L1" shoulder button to center the camera behind your character. Hold "L1" to lock on to your current target. Holding "R1" makes your character block, and moving the left stick while holding "R1" performs a dodge move. Hold "L2" and "R2" at the same time to automatically gather any loot nearby.

  • Hold "L2" and "Square" at the same time to use your first power. "L2" and the other three face buttons perform powers two through four. "R2" and "Square" perform power five, while "R2" and "Triangle" perform power 6. "R2" and "Circle" use your selected consumable item. "R2" and "X" use your selected gadget.

  • Press the "Start" button to bring up your PDA. This does not pause the game; action will continue around you. The "Select" button brings up the game's Social window, where you can chat and interact with other players.

  • Press "Up" on the D-Pad to open the Actions Quick Menu. Press "Down" to display canned chat sayings and emotes. Pressing "Left" opens the Social menu. Holding "Right" allows you to speak through your headset if you have the "Push to Talk" option enabled.


  • Use the "W," "A," "S" and "D" keys to move your character. Control the camera by moving your mouse. Zoom with your mouse wheel. Pressing the "F" key toggles Movement Mode, enabling you to move faster when you aren't in combat.

  • Left-click to perform a melee attack. Right-click to do a ranged attack. Press the space bar to jump and press "E" to interact with a nearby object or character. When holding an object, left-click to smash it or right-click to throw it.

  • Lock on to a target with the "Tab" key. Press "C" to disengage the target. Holding the "Shift" key blocks, while holding shift and pressing a directional key makes you dodge in that direction. Gather nearby loot by holding down the "Ctrl" key.

  • Press numeric keys "1" through "6" to use your six powers. "7" uses your consumable item, while "8" uses your gadget.

  • Press "I" to open your Personal Data Assistant's Inventory menu. The various menus of the PDA each have their own buttons in the PC version of the game. "U" opens the Style menu. "J" pulls up your Case Journal. "K" is for the Traits menu, while "G" brings up Deeds. Press "M" to display your map. "Y" shows you the On Duty menu and "O" the social menu. "B" brings up the Marketplace and "Esc" shows the Options menu.

  • Press your keyboard's "F1" key to display the Actions Quick Menu. "F2" displays your Canned Chat and Emotes menu. "F3" displays your Current Effects menu, and "F4" shows the Social menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • PC users looking for a console game feel can use their Xbox 360 controller for Windows and a control scheme similar to that of the PS3 version.

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