How to Use a Fitball Seating Disc


Sitting on a stability ball strengthens your core muscles and burns about 4 extra calories per hour when compared to sitting in a regular chair. Sitting on the ball forces you to make constant, small adjustments, which might even help you focus if you tend to distract yourself by fidgeting. But not everybody can get away with hauling a full-size stability ball into work or school. If you'd like to enjoy similar benefits without making such a conspicuous addition to your desk space, consider using a small, inflatable seating disc instead.

Things You'll Need

  • Inflating needle
  • Bicycle pump

Inflating the Disc

  • Locate the air valve on your inflatable seating disc -- often it's located on one edge of the disc.

  • Remove the air valve plug, if present, with the tool that came with the inflatable seating disc. If there is no valve plug, you'll need a bicycle pump or hand pump with an inflating needle -- the type you'd use to inflate a basketball.

  • Inflate the seating disc. Depending on the valve type, you may use the bicycle pump, a stability ball foot pump or even blow straight into the disc, inflating it just as you'd blow up a balloon.

  • Stop when the disc appears full, the material reasonably taut. Most seating discs allow you to adjust the amount of air to suit your comfort level. The more air you use, the harder and thus more wobbly the seating disc will be. For a softer, more stable disc that still allows some movement, let some air bleed out of the valve before capping it or removing the needle.

  • Remove the pump and needle adapter from the disc or, if the disc has a valve plug, insert the plug once the disc is full of air.

Using the Disc

  • Place the inflatable seating disc on your chair, centered on the seat.

  • Drape a blanket or other piece of fabric over the disc, if you like, for a more discrete appearance. Keep in mind, however, that the thicker the fabric, the more it will reduce the disc's inherent instability.

  • Sit squarely on the disc. The disc's inherent instability not only forces you to maintain better posture, but it also allows you to rotate your hips, do pelvic tucks, and otherwise adjust your position throughout the day.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some inflatable seating discs are also designed for use as a standard balance disc. Examples include simply standing on the disc, with one or both feet; doing squats with both feet on balance discs; or doing lunges with your front foot on the balance disc.
  • Always inspect your inflatable seating disc -- or any inflatable exercise equipment -- for nicks or scratches before every use. If you see any obvious signs of wear, replace the disc.

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