How to Get Invited to Timeshare Presentations


Timeshare presentations can be a great way to get free vacation benefits. Some timeshare chains offer free or heavily discounted lodging to get you into their presentation. Others will give you cash, gift cards, or event or tour tickets in exchange for sitting in a presentation. Given that many timeshare organizations have relatively aggressive sales teams, getting invited should be relatively easy. All you need to do is let them find you.

From Home

Go to the website of a timeshare that interests you and fill in the "for more information" or contact form. Alternately, you can fill out a "win a free car or vacation" contest form at a shopping mall or other such venue -- most of these contests are really just pitches for timeshare leads.

Take the inevitable call that will come from the timeshare sales representative and let him know that you'd like to see the property before you consider buying.

Answer the qualifying questions honestly. Many timeshare organizations will ask you a few questions to ensure that you have both a lifestyle and an income that will make you a good prospect. Matching your resort to your personal financial situation can help you qualify. For instance, you might not be a good candidate for a timeshare unit at a high-end hotel chain's property if your income is $40,000 per year. On the other hand, if you make $200,000, a lower-end timeshare might wonder why you're calling them.

Accept the offer and travel to the resort to enjoy your vacation. If you don't like the initial offer, see if you can negotiate a better deal.

Attend the presentation when you get to the resort in accordance with your agreement with the organization.

When On Vacation

Ask your hotel's concierge or tour desk where you can find timeshare sales people. If you're staying at a property that has a timeshare component, the concierge may send you to your hotel's timeshare desk.

Visit areas that are frequented by tourists. Timeshare sales people are usually easy to spot on major thoroughfares in tourist-heavy areas.

Inquire about the offer. After the sales person lets you know what you will be paid for attending the presentation, ask if he can do any better. You might get lucky.

Answer the initial salesperson's qualifying questions. As with calls from home, the salesperson will usually ask about your income, your marital status, and whether or not you have a credit card.

Attend the presentation and, after you have stayed for the predefined amount of time, ask for your premium.

Tips & Warnings

  • Unless you intend to buy a timeshare before you go into the presentation, be careful about buying one on the spot. Usually, any deal that you are offered will still be available when you call back once you get home. Alternately, you may be able purchase the same timeshare on the resale market at a discount.
  • Do not drink alcohol while you are at the presentation. Lowering your inhibitions may lead you to make an expensive purchase that you will regret.

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