How to Use the Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter in "Crime Scene" for DS


The electrostatic dust print lifter is a tool used to collect evidence in the Nintendo DS game "Crime Scene." You first encounter this tool in the third chapter of the game where you have to use it to lift a footprint off the office floor. The game requires you to use a combination of buttons as well as the touch screen to manipulate the tool. A film must first be placed over the print that you want to lift, after which you attach two charger cables that connects the tool to the film. A charge is then sent through the film, creating the imprint you can use as evidence.

  • Start the game and navigate to an area where you can use the electrostatic dust print lifter. Your first opportunity is on the floor next to the window during chapter three.

  • Tap and drag the touch screen with the stylus until the footprint is clearly visible. The print should be in the center of the screen with enough space to the left and right of it.

  • Tap the electrostatic dust print lifter tool (the last icon on the right) and then tap and drag your stylus over the print to position the film. If done correctly the tool is shown with a red and green charger cables protruding from it.

  • Tap the green cable on the tool and drag it to the marked green spot on the corner of the film. Tap the red cable on the tool and drag it to the marked red spot on the other corner of the film. Although the cables are shown as dangling, you must drag them from the tip of the tool or the game will not recognize the interaction.

  • Press and hold the "R" or "L" button and watch the charge meter on the right corner of the screen. Release the "R" or "L" button once the needle on the charger is in the green area. If done correctly the footprint is imprinted on the film.

  • Tap and drag the scalpel that appears on the right corner of the screen over the marked line that appears on the film. Hold down the "R" or "L" button and swipe the stylus down over the marked line. Repeat the process for the next marked line that appears to cut out the print and store it as evidence.

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