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Nintendo DS includes the PictoChat app, allowing users to create text messages on a touch screen keyboard to send to up to 15 other gamers in one of four chat rooms. This app provides charts with symbols to help you compose your SMS on the lower LCD screen. For example, you can insert accented letters or even hiragana, the Japanese syllabary, to communicate your meaning. PictoChat also includes the “Pen Tool,” turning the stylus into a digital pen to create a drawing alongside your text. Your sent and received messages display on-screen where you can copy and edit the last message and then post this revised SMS to all your chat room friends.

  • Remove all the games from your Nintendo DS.

  • Tap the “PictoChat” selection panel on the left side of the Touch Screen to display the chat room selection screen.

  • Select one of the four chat rooms that holds up to 16 participants in each room within your range: “A,” “B,” “C” or “D.” If the number “16” already displays, this chat room is full and you should join a different chat room. Tap “Join” to enter the chat room. The selected chat room letter displays in the lower-left corner of the upper LCD screen. The participants’ nicknames show on the chat member bar at the top of the lower LCD screen.

  • Tap your text message on the touch screen keyboard to display in the input board above this keyboard panel. The left sidebar includes five charts to help you type the symbols you need: “Alphanumeric,” “International,” “Japanese Hiragana/Katakana,” “Symbols” and “Pictures.” For example, tap “International” to access upper and lower case letters with accent marks. Press “Space” to add a space between characters, press “Enter” to start the next new line, or press “Backspace” to erase a character.

  • Tap “Send” next to the keyboard to post your message and send it to all your chat room participants. Your sent and received SMS messages display on the Message Display in the top screen.

  • Tap “Copy” to copy the last message to your Input Board, and then edit or add more text for your next message to send to the chat room, if preferred.

  • Tap the “X” or “Exit” button to leave this chat room. The number value for the chat room screen decreases by one.

Tips & Warnings

  • To delete all the characters on your Input board quickly, tap the “Clear” button that displays eight radiating lines in the right sidebar.
  • To include drawings with your text, tap the “Pen Tool” in the left sidebar, and then draw with your stylus on the Input Board. To erase, tap the “Eraser Tool” and apply your stylus like an eraser to the Input Board.
  • If the PictoChat app fails to activate, check the wireless signal strength on the signal strength icon in the upper-left of the top LCD screen. Try to keep within the maximum distance of 65 feet and clear any obstructions between the consoles.
  • DSi models display the PictoChat icon on the horizontal menu list. Tap and drag the scroll button to the left or right to bring this PictoChat icon into view, select “PictoChat” and then tap “Start” to bring up the chat room screen.

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